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Re: Umzug nach Wien. DSL Anbieter gesucht 12 years 1 month ago #31791

Interesting idea, and I agree it would probably open up the site to more users.

Chris, would it be an easy thing to do? Because if it is, I think it would be a great idea.


Rockape :D

Re: Umzug nach Wien. DSL Anbieter gesucht 12 years 1 month ago #31794

Usually, when I can't find what I want in google's basic search, I'm going to search for non english search and translate it to english using google's language tools.

So i think if any one wants this sites material in their language they can translate it to their language.
always Face your Fears...

thats why....? 12 years 1 month ago #31796

Alans do u knw why Todd lammle made his book available in other languages (for example IOS commands survival guide)?

if u don't naturally writers write their books or translate their books in several languages so as to enable professionals (g33ks) whose first language is not English to be able to comprehend.

Uncle Chris first language is not English. but Zippy's first language is English. em S0lo first language is not English, talk2sp (CODE 3) first language is not English.... etc. We studied it? (GST 101)

Once we can make this site language friendly it will sell out a lot. Do u knw some professionals are out there better than me and u and yet they know nothing in English.

Alans Ur food for thought - why did cisco decide to make it's exam 640 802 available in other languages including Portuguese?


c0de - 3
Take Responsibility! Don't let failures define you

Re: Umzug nach Wien. DSL Anbieter gesucht 12 years 1 month ago #31861

Todd Lammle didn't write his book in several languages, other people translated his work to other languages..
anyway, allowing members to post in non English is ok in my point of view, but having the whole site available in other languages, that is what i don't think is easy or logic now.
Take this thread as an example, the guy asked a simple question but no one replied him why? i think because no one knows what the title says or may be no one knew the answer..

I'm not against having the site open for non English members, I just say we as "end users" can solve language issue easly by using one of the online translators.

Finally, I think as an IT person English language is necessary to survive and to develop.

always Face your Fears...
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