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11 years 6 months ago #37859 by Chris is introducing a number of new site enhancements that will allow members to communicate easier, share site content with others, comment on articles, plus much more.

Starting with the new ‘Login with Facebook’ feature (found on’s homepage), members can now login to using their Facebook account, allowing them to send articles directly to their Facebook friends, ‘like’ our articles, comment on them and help broaden the community and technical knowledge. would like to invite all members to try out these new features and post their feedback in this group or the site’s forums.

Stay tuned for more new exciting features, plus generous prizes for our most ‘active’ site members :)

The Team

Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
11 years 6 months ago - 11 years 6 months ago #37861 by Chris
In continuing our efforts to introduce enhancements on, we are pleased to announce the new ‘Private Messaging’ (PM) system is now available to all registered users.
With this new messaging system, registered users are able to send and receive instant messages to and from any other member from a variety of areas within the site and its forums.

Sending Private Messages to a User

Typical access of the PM system is from within the site’s forums. Users can send a private message to a user by clicking on the messaging icon located beneath each member’s information as indicated by the RED arrow:

By clicking on the Private Messaging icon, you’ll be transferred to the ‘Private Messaging’ section where you can compose your message. You’ll notice that the user’s name is already filled in the ‘To:’ box area:

Sending a Message to Multiple Users

The private messaging system supports sending a message to multiple recipients at the same time. This is accomplished by selecting the recipients from the ‘Userlist’ on the right (Yellow Arrow).

You can find the user by scrolling up/down and when located, simply click on his name. This will automatically add the name to the ‘To:’ list as indicated with the Red Arrow.
Alternatively, if you know the member’s name, you can click on the area box shown with the Green Arrow and start typing his name. By doing so, the system will automatically narrow down matching names and display them in an alphabetical order. Again, once you locate the name you require, click on it and it will be added on to the ‘To:’ list.

Private Messaging Menu

When logged in, all members will notice a new entry in their menu. The ‘Private Messaging’ option will take you to your private messaging area from where you can read and compose private messages:

We hope our members make good use of the new Private Messaging system and look forward to your feedback and comments.

Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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