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Trouble with my graphics in XP

17 years 4 weeks ago #21228 by durk21
Xo wont let me change my video cards settings to 256 colors even though the drivers for my card support it is this a problem i can fix with a patch?

Im stuck in 32 bit this blows. Is it maybe just my screen resolution that makes it that way? I'm operating in 1280 X 1040 with a visiontek xtasy 9200 512 mb graphics card.
17 years 4 weeks ago #21245 by NewandImprovedElvis
I dont see why you would want to go down to 256 colours from 32 bit (4294967296 colours)but try setting to 8 bit (8Bit = 256 colours) or you could try reducing your resolution to 800x600 or less
17 years 4 weeks ago #21250 by deepblue
never seen anyone buy a 512mb video card to run 256 colors, and no one running 32bit would say this blows and want to set it down.
if you are mistaken in what you said and are meaning you want to
switch to 64bit. if this is what you want then after you make sure you have the updated drivers for your video card check the windows setting for your monitor, if it is set on the default svga monitor you wont be able to set your colors
up to 64bit.
17 years 4 weeks ago #21253 by TheBishop
Only reason I can think of is that durk21 wants to run some older software/game that mandates a lesser video resolution
17 years 3 weeks ago #21271 by deepblue
That could be the reason, i would think if durk21 wants to go to 256 color he could just disable his driver and let windows use a
generic driver. that would put him in 256 color, he could setup a alt profile to load this setup, it may not be what he wants but i think it would work. other then that i dont see no reason his drivers wont let him drop his colors down, unless he is in to high of a resolution to drop the colors that low.
17 years 3 weeks ago #21280 by durk21
I need 256 colors to use and download prgrams i need everyday for work

SO YES THIS DOES BLOW BUT ive already fixed the problem
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