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CCNA Training in Mumbai

16 years 3 months ago #25761 by kushalsheth1985
Hello everybody...
I am Kushal here.I have just appeared for TY. examination. Iwant to pursure my career in Networking.So thought of doing CCNA. I have no prior knowledge of Networking. Please guys can you help me that if i am doing the right thing or not. Can you tell me the institue thru which i can do CCNA in Mumbai.i have been told that IP solution and Gates offer the course by my frnd. But want to get all your expert opinion. So guys waiting for your rply. Thnx in advance....
16 years 3 months ago #25844 by Chojin
Replied by Chojin on topic Re: CCNA Training in Mumbai
Hi m8,

I've done my CCNA course by Koenig-Solutions in New Delhi. Must admit it was more then I expected. Most training centers give a good training, for all levels.

If you have no knowledge they will give you the knowledge needed :).

I was a bit pessimitic about boot-camps, doing a CCNA in just 7 days. luckily I was already familiar in networking, so it was relatively easy.. but even if i was not familliar it wouldn't be much of a problem I suppose.

Just compare the training centers and take the course. I think it is one of the best investments you can make (besides a lovely woman :p)

CCNA / CCNP / CCNA - Security / CCIP / Prince2 / Checkpoint CCSA
16 years 2 months ago #25906 by kushalsheth1985
thanx for the rply actually i visited few institues such as Karrox and CMS, IIHT,Ultramax,IP Solutions. Now i am confused of what to do coz all of them have very diff fee structure. Like

IP Soluiton (A+,N+,CCNA) 12000 INR
Ultramax (A+,N+,CCNA) 12000 Inr
Karrox (A+,N+,CCNA) 22000
IIHT (A+,N+,CCNA) 38540
CMS (A+,N+,CCNA) 22324

So a whole lot confused what to do..... :x i m in mess can u guys pls help........
16 years 2 months ago #26165 by thePunisher
Dude speak with students who are already studying there..get feedback from them..then decide accordingly.
16 years 1 month ago #26395 by Ethan_Hunt
I am looking forward to do the same thing.I was initially opting for CMS.One of my friends though came up with a Govt. recognised institute called ACIT.I went through their site ( ) & seems like a quick 18 hours deal for getting your CCNA degree.Like all my friends from other forums have advised me to first brush up on my basic knowledge before entering into this field.Suggest you do the same else it would be a no man's land for you.I just went through initial notes of this site & I must say,it's brilliantly laid out.Hopefully will go through all the materials out here & then go in for a CCNA boot camp.:D
15 years 11 months ago #27027 by jackmacoy
i am in cameroon.
i would like to know more about the institution where u did your CCNA.
fees etc
am interested in taking this course but i have no previous knowkedge of IT .ould i need to take some preliminary courses first ?
also how long is the course going to take me?
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