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Cisco ATA 186/188 SCCP Firmware


Cisco ATA 186/188 SCCP Firmware

The SCCP version of software release 3.2(4) is compatible with all Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) and all CallManager Express releases.

NOTE:  Users of ATA 186 v1.34 software (and earlier versions) may not directly upgrade to v2.10 or higher software versions.  Instead, they must first upgrade to v2.0, then to v2.10 or higher.  For user convenience, a transition software image (transition.zup) has been included in this zip file. Users of v1.34 and earlier versions must upgrade to the transition image first.

Product Version
: 3.2(4) - SCCP (Skinny Protocol)

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Created Date: 24-04-2023
Last Updated Date: 22-06-2024