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Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 9 months ago #8983

Yes Indeed. I remember once a few years ago I was on a course in London. I met up with some old friends of mine, we ended up playing monopoly until 0600 hrs. I went back to the hotel, had a shower and some breakfast and then went back to the course. So, I guess I went something like 20 hours or so without sleep !!!

These days, I try and make sure I get at least an hour or two, just to keep me going. :wink:

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 9 months ago #9039

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Well, You believe it or not but it took me 3 and half days to completly read this thread and felt like i personally got introduction (hello every one, Shake hands) :D to every member or should i say the bricks of this castle I was really impressed by the posts of all the members specially dalight.

Enough for prephase. Without further delay let's move on to my intorduction. So here it goes:

My name is Pranav.Now as old as 21. I m from city named as Bhavnagar (Pronounce bha va na gar :shock: ) that's situated in gujarat state (Again Pronounce Guja rat). Everything is there in india (Any Doubts??)

My city is quite small compair to Mumbai and other metros of india. There is no much tech culture over here in the city. But It's my place after all.

I was introduced to computers when i was 15 yrs old. Though i knew the computers from the age of 12 yrs. But never ot hands on it. It was in my father's office where i used to went to play. (My father is Bank Officer).

I joined the Computer course which offer basic knowledge of comupters from basic Dos commands to the office 98. I completed the course (that was in a summer break). I resumed my studies and just forgot litraly everything. After one year I was again introduced to Internet and i found it intresting and used to do chatting all the time i come to cyber cafe. (at that time still i didn't had my computer when most of you had. That was my luck i guess :) ) Anyways i moved on and completed my high school education.

My intrest in computers was growing like anything and at that time again twist came and i was introduced to word "hacking". I was facinated to the thing hackers could do. So i took admission in a compuer science degree that was BCA (bachlors of computer application). It was three years course and i was 18 when i joined that.(In 2002).

Next two years were passed and i was becoming more and more aware of computer programming i learnt C and some Basic Database Managment, I also learnt some Core C++ and Graphics in C++..

Then the finel year came and i was to study VB,ASP,,Vbscript,JavaScript. and also Oracle. The subject also included the networking and communication but only theory.

A professer who tought us networking started the group in starting of the year ( in June-2004). He took a small test and what i top the test even without learning even the OSI Completely. Thus, was selected as a head of network group in our college.

Thus started the my journey in the this grate sea of networking. I was helping our h/w maintanance staff in keeping our college's netowrk up and running which include one win2003 Adv. Server and about 120 Computers, One wireless router one proxy gateway for internet and one small reck of switches.

Then come the introduction to the one of the gratest site on net i had ever been using as a resource Here my time in cafe is going to over so i guess no 1 will mind if i continue it in next post
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do..!!

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 8 months ago #9293

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I've had a few posts on this board, so I figure I'd introduce myself before people start wondering who I am. I have been to many "tech" sites, and many have little tidbits of information that I find useful, but is the best site for it's focus on areas on computing that interest me the most. I looked at many of the posts on the forums, and was impressed with the knowledge and experience of the responses. Simply said, these two things made me very excited about this site.

About myself. I think my parents go their first computer when I was 7. It was a 386 computer that we had from 1991 (I believe) until 2000. This was our only computer until 1998 when they bought a new Gateway PC. Needless to say I was very comfortable with DOS. From 1998 on, I became what people might refer to as a computer geek. I learned how to make websites, did some basic networking, and played a lot of games. I even went to a computer camp the summer of my freshman year is HS. After that, I lost interest in gaming, so as a result didn't use computers as much. Why did I lose interest? I started working pretty hard, and I also wanted to be a lady's man...I never really achieved that though.

This wouldn't last long, I started back into website design, and voluntarily made a few pages for various organizations. At the end of high school I decided I was not quite ready for full time college, so I joined the US air force. I got to choose from some jobs, and I asked them which ones dealt with computers. They told me a few choices, but I didn't know what they actually did, so I picked one that said something about computer systems. I came to find out that my choice has led me to working on the network infrastructure of the base I am stationed at. I got into this job starting in 2003, and my enlistment ends in 2007. I'm no hoorah military guy, I'm just working hard for myself so that I can get the most out of all the benefits before I get out. On the day to day, I work with Cisco and Enterasys switches and routers, and I also have experience with Marconi ATM switches. I work with ethernet, DSL, wireless, sniffers, NMS's, security tools, and many people who shouldn't be in our career field. I have basically been self-taught although I have attended some outstanding courses also.

I am working towards my associates degree, some various certs, and eventually a BS in Computer Science (long term outlook). Customary likes/dislikes:

Dislikes: lazy, incompetent people; random things drive me up the wall -- I notice the smallest little details that just really stick out and annoy me; Internet Explorer.

Likes: a challenge; having lots of interesting work; writing; solving problems; helping people (If they deserve it. I'll still help people if they don't but I'll kick myself for it later); Kubuntu linux.

Welcome 15 years 8 months ago #9432

Welcome jwj!

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 8 months ago #9441

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We would surely like to welcome people like jwj on the site and its forums!

Your level of knowledge seems to be impressive, just as your location 'Neither here nor there' :) I'm just having trouble trying to find it on the map .... any hints ? :lol:

Cheers mate,
Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 8 months ago #9442

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Have you tried Google Earth yet? It finds everything. :wink:
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