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Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8782

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I can't believe it! I was just looking at this thread (from page 1), when I decided it was time to post my own mini-saga, when I came upon the Bishop's remark (previous post). Honest, I was going to post irrespective. I'll have to get him tonight.

I was born in a little English town called Hull that no-one's ever heard of. My parents are Nigerian and after about a year of my short life, we left for Nigeria, where I spent the next 18 years of my life. I only returned to the UK about 15 years ago to finish off University. (PhD at UMIST in Elec Engr) - For those who are interested, my PhD involved coming up with an idea and design for a Condition monitoring system for Railway signalling equipment for GEC Alsthom. I loved academic life, but "IT" has always been my first love.

My interest computers started when my parents bought me a Commodore 64 in the early 80s. I got bored of the games and started writing programs. I've been working in IT for about 13 years now. I work as an IT manager for a cable manufacturing company and I do everything from System administration to coding in whatever language is necessary. I also design and build computer-controlled test equipment for my company as required. I also do consultancy work for whoever will pay me.

I'm married to Lisa and we have three children. I first met the Bishop 15 years ago - we attend the same church - and he is a close friend. He is the ultimate Mr. Fix-it - plumbing, cars, houses, and of course computers.

Anyway, he introduced me to this site and I must say I'm hooked. It's very informative, well put together, well moderated and definitely very grown-up. I'm also looking forward to the new LAB!!!

That's it. Thanks for letting me share........

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8792

Hi All,
I read this thread for the first time today and it is really interesting to know how you guys came into IT.
I must let you all know first that I am female. I am originally from Nigeria but currently live in Milwaukee, WI in the US.
My relationship with IT started sometime in 1990 when after my Youth Service I was introduced to a guy who had just come from the US to set up an IT firm in Nigeria, Kaduna to be precise. Not that I expect anyone to know the place. :lol: ( Youth Service is a one year service program for all university/college graduates in my country). So I started out working with Amstrad 286 used 51/2 ams 31/4 floppies, learnt GW Basic and later Basic (Not a lot of diffrence if you ask me. I also learnt a little bit of FOTRAN and DBase 4.(I had to learn these beacuse I had a computer Science graduate friend who encouraged me . To me at the time, she was simply a genius but a combination of my inqusitiveness and her willingness to help me learn, got me my first job in the field. I worked during the day as a CEO's personal assistant(had to use Microsoft works to get this done since no other person in the office at the time knew how to use it).
I got tired of the Personal Assistant job and was looking for something more challenging so I got a job in a Bank and worked there for 6 years. At this time the itch for IT had started again so I went to formally learn to use Windows and the Microsoft Office suite.
I guess because of my aptitude one of my instructors encouraged me to take the Certification exams and that when I got seroius with IT. I did NT4 (MCSE, CCNA and Oracle PL/SQL. (I love PL/SQL)
I mmeadaitely got a job with one of the first ISP in the country as a Technical Support Staff and later became the Head of Technical Support in the Company. It was challenging and Interesting until it was time for me to move to the US. My first job in the US was with a Telecoms Company as the systems and Networks Adminstrator (It was a really small company ).
I love doing things that challenge my knowledge and this is what made me get my current job with the City.
It is interesting and constantly challenging becuse I have to build and maintain networks and at the same time teach low and moderate income earning families how to use computers . This is where I am now.
I hold a BA in English Studies which makes people wonder how I got into IT. If I was not doing what I am doing now, I would have been a Security Personnel. I am just too inquisitive.

I have so many likes that I do not know where to start.
My first love is Jesus and I do not mean to be a religious bigot , I just can't hide my love. Hope n o one is offended by this.
I enjoy making and keeping friends.
I am somewhat trendy and like different kinds of music except Metal and Heavy Metal. I really do not like Rap music I have never understood the concept. There is too much violence linked to it.
I am looking forward to the next challenging thing I will do. Personnaly I am looking to move into Security (Networks and Systems Security).
Thank you all for yoour contibutions to my Wireless Network Project.

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8794

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I've been continuing to monitor with much excitement this thread, which I believe has become one of the most interesting threads in our whole forum!

I'd like to continue encouraging people to introduce themselves to the community - without hesitation as this thread was not created in order to judge anyone, rather than simply get to know each other better.

At the same time, it's great to hear we have some females in this male-dominant community, lan2wan, katerina (our PR & Tech. editor) and a few more which I can't remember at this time.

A small note regarding lan2wan's (and possibly others) concern about people being offended because they have expressed their religious beliefs - There is no problem what so ever expressing your beliefs as long as it does not offend others.

We've had instances where one member (most would probably remember him) used the shoutbox to condemn Muslim members of our community - something we do not tolerate or want here.

Personally, its countless times I look upon the site and thank God for enlightening me to start it up back in 2000 because I see now how much it's helped other people from all over the world, including myself & the team, to learn and progress in this fast moving (and unfortunately most times, selfish) world.

Rockape, SoloJack, Dalight, Jhun and Lan2wan - its a pleasure to meet you all!
Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8800

  • DaLight
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My relationship with IT started sometime in 1990 when after my Youth Service I was introduced to a guy who had just come from the US to set up an IT firm in Nigeria, Kaduna to be precise. Not that I expect anyone to know the place

Wrong!! I've been there!! My kid brother attended the military school (NMS) in Zaria.

I agree with Chris that everyone should contribute to this thread as it helps to put some stories behind the names.

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 9 months ago #8913

This is really interesting!

In fact of all the threads on I always pick this one first when there's something new.. it really adds flesh and blood to the people you speak to.

At the risk of sounding philosophical, the more we connect, the more our lives disconnect.. I despise the fact that the Internet has lost its human side..

Which is precisely why this sense of community inspires all of us.. that you are talking to real people... It reminds me of the days of the BBS's where you actually met and made real life friends with the people you spoke to over a telephone line..

So I encourage all of you to put up your life story here..

We can also have a little '5 questions to the team'.. ask away about anything from olives, to red bulbs..and anything else you can think of :)

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 9 months ago #8932

OK Sahir, I'll bite. What is this ongoing thing about you and a Red Light?


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