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TOPIC: Spam related posts

Re: Spam related posts 14 years 7 months ago #13325

Hi all,

I dont see a "Report This Post" button, placed in a corner of very post, were you click on the button and fill in the box to report a post and then an admin gets informed of the post.

i agree 14 years 7 months ago #13329

  • Arani
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i agree with what chris said. is built with the aim of providing a platform for networking people to get together and discuss issues. and i think its a privilage to be able to post something without being a member of the forum or the website. but, unfortunately, there are some people who's basic aim is to post more and post rubbish. the privilage of something rendered free does not carry the rights of using it on free will. i have seen many people in forums who's sole contributions are monosyllables, and totally unrelated comments on some posts. this is their idea of keeping their count of posts at a high, and then being able to say " hey look i have the biggest number of posts, and i figure first on this table of member's list". but that is pulling it to an extreme.
to try and stem this issue maybe one would need to make membership mandatory, which is free either way. and then some may cry foul by saying we are trying to monopolize the forums by a member only protocol. but to be very true, the membership being free, anyone can sign up and enter the forum. and this in turn means, anyone can post literally anything. its all upon the members to ensure their posts are helpful, relevant and free from rubbish which is utterly useless to anyone. one can try to stop spammers using a thousand ways, but they will still come back. you can only stop spamming by spreading awareness, something which is so lacking in these times. my only advice to spammers is, since you have the time to post rubbish, why not post something useful instead???
i stand corrected if i am wrong in my thoughts.
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Spam 14 years 7 months ago #13344

It seems to have happened again this morning. I think it's time to go with Arani's recommendation to make all the forums member-only posting. I understand and agree with the idea of making it easy for non-menbers to post comments about the site, but perhaps we could have a mailto: button that directs a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or something

Re: Spam related posts 14 years 6 months ago #13383

It happened again!
SOmething must be done guys! Maybe give to some more people privileges to delete posts from the website problems forum :?

Re: Spam related posts 14 years 6 months ago #13384

  • Chris
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Due to the problems we are experiencing with these unwanted spammers, we are forced to change the rights on this forum and only allow registered members to post in it.

Of course, this will not take care 100% of the problem as a lot of these spammers go through the normal registration process to end up posting their garbage, so we still need to look out for them!

Thanks to everyone for their help, and please let us know if you come across a spam post!

Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Re: Spam related posts 14 years 5 months ago #14139

I think that a new member is trying to boost his postings by posting irrelevant information. At least he is not spamming the forums but it lowers the value of the forums :(
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