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TOPIC: Spam related posts

more spamming 14 years 3 months ago #14193

  • Arani
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i am seriously disheartened to see the spirit of this wonderful website going to waste at the hands of a squandering few who think making it to the highest number of posts on forums is their ultimate goal of life!!!
i cannot understand this trend :? why would someone want to do that??? what is so big an urge to see oneself at the top of a list?? what is the price, what is the rush?? ok ok lets not get too rhetorical now...
my point is we have a certain individual who constantly adds posts to unimportant posts on forums and due to that, important posts are getting nudged off the main scroller on the home page. i scan through that scroll box to search for new information, and today i was quite annoyed to find kunaltyagi posting his 'priceless' posts on the humour section of the forums. this has resulted in the entire scroll box being filled with those entries. now someone who has posted some important question and needs a quick answer, is at a loss.
i am urging people to restrain from doing this. not only is it annoying you are also denying others from using the forum for the purpose it was built for.
chris maybe you can make two seperate sections in the scroll box so that posts made to unimportant sections like humour etc are flashed there, and the others are flashed on the second scroll box. or remove showing any updates on forums like humour.
i dont know if this is a very good suggestion but that's all i could come up with as of now
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Re: Spam related posts 14 years 3 months ago #14194

  • monsky
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i agree with you arani, if somebody posted an important question, a relevant question and waiting for a reply it would become difficult to monitor if he got already an answer because of this annoying kunaltyagi. :shock:

Re: Spam related posts 14 years 3 months ago #14207

I agree Arani.
I've been in this forum for almost two years and as you can see I don't have a big posting number. That's because I avoid posting nonsense or agreeing to others without adding some new and useful info. Like you, I try to look for changes in the forums in order to answer if I can, but when someone floods everything with 'priceless' info it lowers the value of the forums.

Re: Spam related posts 13 years 9 months ago #17322

  • nske
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I'd like to ask all forum members not to answer to threads with SPAM/Advertising content, as they will be deleted as soon as they are noticed.

I apologize if in some cases such threads get unnoticed for a bit too long.

Thank you

Re: Spam related posts 13 years 9 months ago #17471

Hi folks,

Like most people on this site, I don't have a great "post count". This is not because I don't post alot, it is simply because the bishop and I both work in the same office, so we "answer" together.

Now this issue of Spam, is a bit annoying, especially when you are trying to find the "serious" stuff. Mention has been made about having different scrolling sections of the home page etc. But, may I make a suggestion. I use a wonderful web browser called crazy browser (that I found on this site years ago). One of the great things about this browser is that you can have lots of different screens and browser sessions open at the same time, without causing mischief to your PC. Now, would it be possible to use the "tab" idea from that and seperate the different areas of the website? That way you can go directly to the area you want via the tabs.

In addition. I would suggest that the ability to remove "unwanted" spam posts may be given, not only to the moderators, but to "trusted" members of the site. This would allow these annoying posts to be removed quickly, and take alot of the "stress" away from the site moderators and allow them to continue the wonderful work they are doing on this wonderful (and free) site.

Just a thought.


Re: Spam related posts 13 years 9 months ago #17478

  • Smurf
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Hi folks,

Like most people on this site, I don't have a great "post count".

Opps, better slow down on mi posting....

Anyhow, don't really see harm in the cool resources and the Hilarious Stuff & Sites being posted in. Although they are not technical at the end of the day the forums are on this site and therefore why shouldn't people post in them ? On occasion i do actually have a little giggle at some of their content.

As for the Spam side of things, yes lets do something about all the bogus certification stuff on the site, ok as nske said i will no longer post asking to remove it but maybe some extra mods to keep an eye on this and remove them sorts of posts ?

Cheers and i'll try and keep mi post count down
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