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TOPIC: linux ....linux ...linux

linux ....linux ...linux 15 years 2 months ago #1769

can any one help me in finding any online book related to linux7.2 or above... i am begineer in linux so i need free download book which can help me to learn linux from very basic...from installation to administration(and also cover topics on samba, apache & squid)
i shall me very thankful if any one help me out.


Re: linux ....linux ...linux 15 years 2 months ago #1771

Hi there,

I think the first place to visit for you is . There you can find indepth guides to system adminstration and network administration. Also you can find HOWTO's on almost all subjects in Linux. So goto tlpd and start your journey to the wonderful world of Linux.

Re: linux ....linux ...linux 15 years 2 months ago #1773

I really recommend a good hard copy book... the Linux Bible books are great.. I'm assuming when you said 7.2 you're talking about Redhat 7.2, thats quite an old version.. perhaps you should consider Shrike -- Redhat 9, its been souped up quite a bit (IMHO)

There are loads of starting resources on the net.. check out

Also the redhat site has a wonderful documentation section.. its under support somewhere.. will cover a lot of ground.
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: linux ....linux ...linux 15 years 2 months ago #1774

  • Chris
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Oh I must agree with Sahir. There is nothing like a hard copy book.

Throughout the years, I have found it much harder to 'study' on the computer since the screen gets quite tiring for me.

Apart from that, they are also awesome for future references when you need to lookup something quickly. Personally, I always carry a book with me, regardless if I am going to find time to read it or not :)
Chris Partsenidis.
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Re: linux ....linux ...linux 15 years 2 months ago #1775

  • tfs
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I agree.

Hard copy books are a must if you are going to do any real work. Usually, more than one are required as rarely will you find all you need in one book. I usually have about 4 or 5 per subject on hand just for reference. I will typically buy a book because it has something I need and may never open it again, but you never know. And trying to find it later (before is always a chore.

As far as redhat for a beginner, the "Red Hat Linux 7 for Dummies" or "Learning Red Had Linux" from O'Reilly are great to start with if you are a real newbie (as am I). And they are fairly cheap as well as having the full OS on CD. Can't ask for more than that (well, maybe a little more). I like the O'Reilly book the best (less than $30) on amazon which should have most of what you need.

Then, as Chris mentions, online is great for specific subjects as you get different views and explanations at all levels of experience.


Re: linux ....linux ...linux 15 years 2 months ago #1784

The O'Reilly books are really good, very well written and accurate material. However I really recommend that you pick up Redhat 9, you're coming off from (probably) years with windows.. and trust me.. when you first start out you're gonna be dying for the familiar feel of explorer.exe

The good part about redhat 9 is that they've really made an effort to make the transition from windows easier, this does not mean that they've just copied all the shell elements of windows and stuck it on top of the linux kernel, but they've definetely weeded out stuff that might confuse beginners. Remember you're starting out fresh.. you won't even know how to copy and paste in linux (in case you're wondering you don't 'copy' the text.. you just select it and then middle click wherever you wanna paste)

I remember one thing that had me stumped for a long time when I first started using linux was that I couldn't find a simple rename command to rename a file.. finally I figured it out... you use mv to MOVE the file.. think about it.. moving the file is the same as renaming it ! When you start out trying to grab the OS by the horns, it will probably grab you by the you know whats...

Don't be discouraged.. break your head over it.. refuse to download binaries.. compile from the source.. learn to use the command line etc etc.

Every so often maybe we'll drop in a cool linux tip... something that is new and not available in windows. Here's one.. you like fast user switching in WinXP ? Hit ctrl + alt + f1 to f8 in linux... instant virtual terminals ;)

Now go buy some books ! :)
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
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