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Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8716


Yes I manged to see the new Starwars film. What can I say? I have to agree with you, it was a most excellent film. It nicely brought together the "old" and "new" films. Funnily enough, I watched episode 4 last night, and it seemed quite a natural follow on from episode 3.

Ok, So I don't have much hair (on my head), but there is plenty elsewhere to keep me warm :shock: Well I do come from the Highlands and it can get pretty damn cold during the winter.

The Bishop can eat just as much as me (I think). However, he has an advantage I don't, he is over 6 foot tall, where as I'm a mere 5 foot 8. So he has more room to put the food in. As for the fitness thing, I guess I'm just lucky, and he is just jealous!!


Rockape :lol:

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8733

I rather liked the new movie.. definetely the best of the new ones!
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Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8754

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hello to all,

well i might as well also join in the introduction. :D

well my name is jhun, a 24-year old lad from the philippines...
before i ventured into the realm of IT and computing i had no idea on how a computer worked. although it fascinated me, it never really encouraged me to dig deep until the day came when i had a computer of my own (i think it was a pentium 1 with 32mb of ram :lol: ). since then i wanted to learn everything about how this machine works that eventually lead me to knowing networking stuff. now i'm currently studying linux and just loving it. i've already setup an email server and now venturing into the open source pbx called asterisk.

well anyway, i graduated as a degree holder in electronics and communications engineering and currently employed as a technical support in a data center company here in our country.

i love music especially love songs...those that puts you on the sentimental mood...i also dig r&b, soul and hip hop music and some pop rock to.

i also like to draw cartoon characters especially those that are under marvel

..and i also dream that someday i would be batman!. :twisted:

anyway, enough about myself...i would just like to take this opportunity to thank for bringing such knowledge to the world thru the information super highway. i still remember how i stumbled upon i googled for properly making a straight through cable, it lead me to this site and since then i became amazed at this site most specially with the diagrams...they are way too cool!!! 8)...since then i made this site as my homepage and have recommended it to others starting out in the IT scene and also to those that have achieved great knowledge in the industry.

to the guys of, my hats off to you...keep up the great work!

Me and Myself 15 years 10 months ago #8770

Hello fellas. My name is Jack and I am from Colombia or Locombia(the crazy country in spanish). I am 27 years old and besides computers I like languages (Spanish, English, French,Italian, German). Most of all I need your help as an advise. I have been studying for 10 years but most of them abstract and theoric stuff. Now that I want to get a real job I dont know what to do and where to begin. I have basic knoledge of networking, Linux, Windows, Unix, A++.

In addition I like Clasical, Pop, Jazz and Blues music.

Cherry o. :shock:

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8772

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Welcome to the forum, Jack!!!

Dalight 15 years 10 months ago #8779

(World holds breath waitng for Dalight's 'Introduce Yourself' post...)
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