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Introductions 15 years 10 months ago #8664

Hi Folks,

Firstly can I say that I think this site is most excellent.

Now to introduce myself. I am 38 years old Married with one little boy (3 next month), one Budgie and one Dog (German Shepherd/Border collies cross).

I live in north manchester and work with "The Bishop", truth to tell he is my mentor. I started work in the company as a help desk analyst. However, when the desk was quiet, I would go and talk to the NT guys and ask them to show me stuff. Initially, it was so when they were dealing with important incidents I could take some of the easy work off them. Eventually, however, this lead to the overall manager offering me a promotion to the Technical team. It took me all of about 2 seconds to decide I wanted the job. Since then, The Bishop has been training me up as a Network Engineer.

Originally I come from the Scottish Highlands near Inverness. I started my working life as a Secretary (yes there are male secretaries). I went to college and did an HND in Secretarial Studies, so I became a qualified Secretary.

Having tried to find work in Inverness as a male secretary, I gave up. I just couldn't compete with the ladies wearing short skirts and revealing tops. So, I applied to join the Royal Air Force. I was successful and spent 6 very happy years in the RAF. I was very lucky and got to visit a lot of different countries on detachments. I picked up my username from the Air Force. I was posted to an Auxilary RAF Regiment Squadron, the Regiment are known as Rockapes, hence as a joke my mates used to call me Rockape.

Funny Fact:

I met the lady who was to become my wife on a "Blind Date" and we have been together 12 years !! Some Blind Date Huh ??


Food of any kind (The Bishop will agree with that!!)
Music (most kinds including Jazz and Classical)
Star Wars



I think that is enough for now. Further details can be supplied on request !! as the publishers would say!

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8700

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That was a very interesting and informative introduction I must say!

Its really great getting to know a bit more about members in our community, how they've managed to struggle through life and get themselves to the point they are now. You're a prime example of what I call a 'determined person'. Started out as a secretary and are now a Network Engineer with 'The Bishop' as your teacher :> (Good choice btw!).

As your a startrek/starwars fan - have you been to the cinemas to see the last starwars film ?! I saw it 2 days ago and it was just toooo good!!!! What an amazing movie !!!
Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Rockape 15 years 10 months ago #8706

I can vouch for Rockape's comment about food - I don't know where he puts it. He is one of those guys who can eat like a mobile waste disposal unit but never put any weight on. And never exercise all year but still be fitter than me. But at least I have more hair!

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8710

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hahahahahaha good one Bishop, 50 points for that one!

p.s how much more hair do you exactly have ? :)
Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Hair 15 years 10 months ago #8711

Around 50%

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 10 months ago #8713

My name is Eddy, I am 19 years old and reside in the Toronto (Canada) area. I'm currently studying networking,

I've ordered tons of books and I already have done some incredible things with the things I've learned.

Thanks to for providing me with the following:

The TAO of Network Security Monitoring - Richard Bejtlich

Hack I.T - Security Through Penetration Testing - T.J Klevinsky

CCDA - Self Study Guide - Anthony Bruno

Essential Check Point - FireWall-1 NG - Dameon D Welch-Abernathy

TCP/IP Illustrated Volume 1 - The Protocols - W.Richard Stevens

Counter-Hack - Ed Skoudis

Exploiting Software - How to break code - Greg Hoglund

My classes begin in June 22, 2005. This is what I will be learning:

LPIC (Level 1)


Of course, I'll also be working on getting a CCNA and working on the CCDA :)

I also ordered a brand new laptop! I can't wait to start studying.

Thanks ;)
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