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Re: Introduce yourself 16 years 2 months ago #7009

Case modding is really cool but needs a lot of time, that's why i haven't done any cool mods lately. I will try to shoot some pictures of my mods and post them, for all of you to see....

Re: Introduce yourself 16 years 3 weeks ago #7852

Hi everyone,

My real name is Varun and I am a 24 year old from Delhi, currently in Pune ,but shifting in about a week's time to Mumbai (all 3 are cities in India). My first brush with computers was at the age of 7 ,when my dad brought one home. I think that was an .......hmmm XT....can't recall .Anyways all that i was allowed to do on it ,was to, once in a blue moon ....touch it....

Seriously ,it was such a privileged and important piece of hardware that i had to literally beg to use it ,of course all that i used to do was ,play my favourite pac-man game.

I got involved a lil more with computers at the age of 12 when , i started off with a lil bit of BASIC ( I do know lil bit of C and Perl) and at that point of time itself i knew that i cannot program , not that my logic isn't good , but simply coz ......i don like doing it .

At 18 , i got introduced to the internet ,but at that time ,its usage in INDIA was really expensive, to add to the soaring phone bills...

My real interest arose in networking during my engineering ( How i wish i had taken up computers )....So i went ahead , and am now on the verge of completing my Masters in it .I am joining an Information Security Firm next week and am really really looking forward to it.

I am an avid sports freak... i swear by cricket ,hardly ever miss a game and if its in the city ,watch it at the stadium.Besides that ,i play soccer,table tennis,tennis,volleyball and hockey on roller skates. Used to have an expensive pair ( Ones with the coloured wheels and shoes attached to them ). Am also a senior brown belt in the shito ryu form of Karate.
Other than this , i sometimes like to work out at the local Gym as well.I guess thats it bout me and i just realised ,that this is my biggest post ever. :)

Re: Introduce yourself 16 years 4 hours ago #8101

Hi all, been posting for a month or so now but didn't notice this thread until now. I'm currently in a community college in my third and final year of "Computer Systems Technology" as they call it. The first two years involved the CCNA material along with Operating Systems, some minor programming, database and some soft-skill (blah) classes. In my third year I have been taking the CCNP course along with some more indepth classes on Linux and network security.

As it stands right now I am currently doing an internship at my city's hospitals. There are 4 main hospitals in the city that all fall under common management. It has been a pretty good experience so far as I have been dealing with a large Cisco network that has around 250 switches (mainly 4500's, 6500's and 2950's) and several routing modules in the 6500's as well as Pix Firewall modules. They are in the process of expanding their wireless services as well as VoIP to all the hospital campuses as well so it has been interesting to see them rolling all this stuff out.
At the moment I think there are around 500 Cisco IP phones with hundreds more on there way. They are even bringing in the Cisco 7920 wireless phones for nurses to use as pagers/intercoms/phones in the hospitals (cell phones not allowed in hospitals due to signal issues).

I never imagined a hospital's network would be so advanced but London's hospitals are at a transition point right now where all this new technology is coming in to handle scalability issues for the future. Actually if you go to and search their site for "London Health Sciences Centre" you can read about some of the implementations of Cisco products that they are using.

Anyway, in four weeks I head back to my final semester of classes for four months and then will be out on my own looking for work. :shock: I also need to get my CCNA soon before I forget it all!

Oh, I love to play and watch golf, hockey and soccer and drink booze ;).

Re: Introduce yourself 16 years 1 hour ago #8110

Hey Maximus, which company are you joining ?
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: Introduce yourself 15 years 11 months ago #8117

Just noticed this string too. Didn't get time to more than skim the previous posts, but I promise you guys I'll go back and read them more carefully.

I'm an 18 year old guy in Michigan in the painfully new and sometimes not-so-great U.S. of A. I'm graduating from high school this year. (24 credits last year and only 22 required to graduate)

I got into computers because of my love of video games, actually. I play them with friends all the time, and read about them and keep up on whats on the horizon and whats not worth buying. So freshman year I took some basic software usage courses, sophmore year I took two semesters of Java programming and taught myself some C++ over the summer. Junior year I took a college level Computer Science course and went to a local Tech Center for CIS. I learned some SQL and web design and among other stuff in that class, and this year there was nothing new but web design at my home school. Guess what class I'm sitting in doing nothing right now?

I don't know too much about networking itself, but I'm interested in learning just about anything. I like considering myself a bit of a random scholar. I read books on just about anything I get my hands on. Flash MX, Java, SQL, Quantum Physics... anything. I also want to bring a little video game culture this this website, which by the way, is awesome.

a.k.a. Josh V.
I never know where I'm going until I get there.

and now for the new guy... 15 years 11 months ago #8176

I just found this place and have been fascinated to read about all of you so I guess it's my turn to intorduce myself...

My name is Pete. Pleased to meet you.

I'm 30 now and not quite feeling it :wink: . I have been working with PCs since the early 90s (Amstrad 286, 3 1/4 floppy, 40 mb drive , 1 mb ram). Never really taken it seriously till recently.

I work for a major telecoms equipment manufacturer in their broadband access division (DSL etc). My job is to design, develop and deliver technical training for our customers and as such I have a pretty good understanding of DSL technologies as well as traditional circuit switched networks.

(I'm also starting to work with telco operators as they migrate to all IP networks - freaky stuff to me!)

As for hobbies....avoiding airports (see to many while working) , enjoying beer in the sun and trying not to slip into geekdom to often.

I hope I can be a useful member of this community & thanks for the welcome.


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