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Re: Introduce yourself 16 years 2 months ago #6860

Nissan 350Z.. they have that in NFSU & NFSU2.. great car (from what I can tell from the game ;))

Funny how you raised the point about computer geeks and their personalities.. read over the people in this forum, they are all geeks, yet they all seem to have very active lives, which is rather different from the classical notion of a geek. Perhaps geek culture is really 'growing up'..

Case in point:

I was recently at a rather raucous party and was chatting with a few cute women. After a while, the topic moved along to professions and I gave my usual 'I'm a platinum selling rockstar trapped in the mind of an IT geek' story... instead of them all asking about what music I play, they all went like 'Oooh, so you get *paid* to be a hacker' <insert batting eyelids here> and then they bombarded me with questions related to computer security !!

I just sat back there thinking .. okay Sahir, there is something fundamentally wrong here...
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: Introduce yourself 16 years 2 months ago #6866

I just sat back there thinking .. okay Sahir, there is something fundamentally wrong here...

Yeah there is! You being greedy and chatting up more than one girl at a time. Lucky for me I am already with a great woman otherwise I would be jealous of sahirh "the god of love" :)

Out of interest are there any female members with It would be nice to really blow the geek stereotype out of the water and show that girls are into serious IT as well. (not just doing it to pick up sahirh look-a-likes at parties)

Re: Introduce yourself 16 years 2 months ago #6891

We've got dear ol' Jils and Katerina right on the team page !! :)

My girlfriend is a sorta geek -- she uses Linux.. because I force her to play Frozen Bubble against me ;)

Anyway, she has a Knoppix CD and all hehe
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

involving girls 16 years 2 months ago #6899

They say girls aren't attracted to gEEks HA! I guess we all beg to differ :D

Sahir about your last post regarding the girls, I had something similiar happen awhile back.

I bought this t-shirt from DefCon last year that said:

"I rooted your girlfriends box and didn't even use a trojan....Gosh I love being a Linux user. "

I wore that shirt one evening to dinner with some friends at TGI Fridays. I had three beautiful waitress's approach me asking me what exactly my shirt meant? I asked them what do you think it means. Of course they were thinking naughty...go figure huh? But they kept bugging me to tell them the meaning of it. After I explained it breifly they started asking questions and were so interested yet so worried at the same time.
Who would of thought a gEEky shirt like that would pick up girls. I wonder if I would of gotten the same reaction from the girls if it said "Gosh I love Windows instead" hehe


Re: Introduce yourself 16 years 2 months ago #6992

After reading everybody's story now here is mine,
My real name is Charis (Pronounced like Harry) and i come from Athens Greece. I'm 22 years old and was born and raised in a suburb of athens.
I was a fan of technology stuff since the age of 4 and always liked to dismantle anything that had screws on it :lol: (either it was a miniature car or a stereo) (by the way to make you people laugh when i was around 2 or 3 i used to feed a cassette player with buiscuits, sad story :twisted: ). Being an electronic enthusiast i started my computer trip at the age of 9 to 10, first learning basic knowledge of computers and moving on to GWBasic, Qbasic, Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Ms-Dos and windows 3.1 and 95(i did my first format and windows installation at 13 when windows 95 was launched :) ). At the age of 13 i went through a phase that lasted for about 4 years, in which i stopped programming and used my pc only as a game box. At the age of 17 i decided to upgrade my pc on my own so i started learning things and gaining experience in pc hardware and windows OSes. Currently i'm studying to be an Electronic Computer Systems Engineer at TEI of Peiraias and gained my CCNA in Summer.
I have worked for about the last 5 years, starting as a pc-technician and currently being a helpdesk & administrator at a small company. I'm also proud to have worked as a network (cisco) admin in the Olympics (great experience).
I like:
All kinds of music and especially metalcore, hardcore, deathcore, grindcore, death, grind and all that kind of stuff.
Movies (cinefil, comedy, action, adventure and THRILLERS{the old ones especially})
Drinking beer
Going to events and festivals
Linux OSes
Case modding
Computer Nerds (not geeks, they give us a bad name :D )
Employers wanting us to do anything they think of :evil:
Fake trendy People

And for my nickname it's my favourite band check
That's all for now, if i missed something i'll post again

Re: Introduce yourself 16 years 2 months ago #6999

Case modding sounds cool, what mods do you do exactly ?
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
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