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TOPIC: my future in networking

my future in networking 12 years 7 months ago #15197

i'm having a doubt ,,i'm working as a network admin in hyderbad
is networking field having good salary range compare to software field

cause one of friend having 6monts exp in .net getting 28,000 per month.. do network people also have nice salaries compare to IT people???

Salary 12 years 7 months ago #15200

That depends. Software has a lot of 'trends', and those with the skills to command jobs in whatever is in demand right now will always rake in the big money. However once that passes their skill will be old and in much less demand, and if they want to stay in the jeyt set they have to keep reinventing themselves. Networking, unless you're a real high earner, pays less but it's steady. People will always need networks to run their fancy new applications over. Having said that, there are similar waves even within networking that you can follow if you want to. I'd say the current ones are around security, voice/data convergence and wireless technologies

Re: my future in networking 12 years 7 months ago #15204

.Net languages are commanding high rates of pay at the moment due mainly to the onset of Windows Vista which is all .Net based. A friend of mine jumped into that early and is now in high demand and seemingly swimming in money.

Networking, level for level, is a lower rate of pay but you need to know a lot more theory about a broader spectrum of how I.T. works in my opinion. (operating systems/network operating systems/hardware/wiring/etc) Also has the good advantage of not staring at the same screen all day, every day which is the main reason I never went into programming when I left uni.

A lot depends on how many people in your area can do what you can do and the prices range accordingly.

With the rapid onset of computerisation and digitalisation going on in western europe these days, both trades will never be short of work if they are prepared to be flexible. I am not sure if the same is true for your part of the world.

One thing I have noticed though with many of the programmers I have met is that not many of them have the slightest clue how networking works or the theories and principals involved. Maybe there could be a niche market for you there with your background in networking.

sorry for longish post... killing time before the England match .... :)

My experience 12 years 7 months ago #15221

Let me add my experience so far. I work as a software engineer in Thessaloniki, Greece for the past 4 years, though I have an MSc degree in Data Telecommunications and Networks along with the CCNA certification.

Greek companies aren’t willing to hire people without experience and for this reason I haven’t found a company yet to make the jump from software to networks. Although recently I’ve changed company with a higher salary than my previous one, I still don’t consider my self to be highly paid, and certainly don’t get 28000 per month (what ever currency) I’m more like around 1200euro/month.

Re: my future in networking 12 years 7 months ago #15222

Experience is a perpetual problem. You can't seem to get a job without it, but then how do you get the experience to get that first job when nobody wants to give you that first job to gain the experience...
The only answer seems to be to make your own, as we've heard in many threads and posts. Find projects to do and do them, keeping documentary evidence and photos maybe. Do voluntary work. Take opportunities even if you have to work for little or nothing in your spare time. Build up a portfolio you can show to a potential employer

Re: my future in networking 12 years 7 months ago #15223

Thanks for every one who paid their valuble time to reply back

thank again
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