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TOPIC: ADSL and telephones

ADSL and telephones 11 years 7 months ago #18638

  • Arani
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problem : broadband via ADSL is working, but my landline is dead.
how i troubleshooted :
1) changed the telephone set - no joy
2) changed the wire connecting the telephone set to the ADSL filter - no joy
3) changed the filter and repeated steps 1 and 2 - no joy
4) plugged the phone straight into the main telephone socket - no joy
5) lodged a fault with my telephone company, they said there's nothing wrong with the line, it is my end device i.e. the telephone that is faulty. changed the telephone set again for the 3rd time - no joy

is there any other way i can test my telephone line, apart from trying to use my dialup modem to dial a number? any online software which can diagnose my telephone line?
i am not very good with ericsson or realitis switches, so i am in total darkness regarding this peculiar thing. the broadband works, but the telephone doesn't!!!
any leads chaps?

Re: ADSL and telephones 11 years 7 months ago #18639

  • GTM
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Do you know of you have a test socket if you do it will be directly behind the face plate of the master socket if ya do try that.

Re: ADSL and telephones 11 years 7 months ago #18640

  • DaLight
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How many other phone sockets have you got at home? Have you tried them?

nope 11 years 7 months ago #18641

  • Arani
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hi dalight
i live in a shared house and my room has the only telephone line. so the socket in my room is the master socket.

Re: ADSL and telephones 11 years 7 months ago #18652

  • Smurf
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Hi Arani,

I think Ranger24 would probably be one of the best people to advise on this. I would say that this is an issue with the the ISP. Your phone line will go to the exchange, then it gets split off for either Broadband traffic to the DSLAM or phone traffic which goes a different route.

If you have tested several phone lines in the socket then it clearly points to an issue with the phone company. The demarcation is the phone socket that BT installed, which you have stated is the only point in your shared accomodation. Therefore if you have tried several phones in that point then it must be them.


Re: ADSL and telephones 11 years 7 months ago #18656

Hi Arani,

Smurf is on the ball. I'd put money on it that at the exchange you voice circuit is poort connected (if at all). The diagram below shows how it should be set up:

Master Socket ---[copper pair]--- splitter
> Exchange (voice)

So your copper goes into a splitter and then the voice signal to the exchange, and the DSL goes to the DSLAM.

So there are 3 points of failure:

1) Splitter is faulty - unlikely as these will probably be passive and therefore contain no breakable parts

2) Connection from splitter to exchange has not been made therfore voice as no where to go.

3) You line is incorrectly configured at the exchange. (unlikely).

If a known working phone is dead when plugged into the master socket it nearly always is (2). So the issue is with BT as they probably set the DSLAM etc up - but you will need your ISP to refer your fault to BT.

(I assume you get a phone bill for the line rental from BT)

By the way it is unlikely you are connected to a Realitis exchange as these are PABXs - so would only be found in a corporate environment. I cut my teeth of realitis....memories!

Keep us updated!


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