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TOPIC: how to start cisco lab

Re: how to start cisco lab 10 years 2 months ago #34272

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Well how do you turn the power off currently?

(no big message today I'm running a fever of about 104-105)

If you don't have one here are two solutions:

Quick demo showing the Arduino Mega and NKC ethernet shield controlling LED's over a network connection via an iPhone. This will later be able to control the pumps and valves in our automated brewing system. ($70 but it's a fun toy even after you disassemble the lab)

I've also seen Iboots on ebay for about $8 but right now there's only two and it's sitting at about $75 & $150. (also those are single pull the arduino can clearly do more)

Honestly I would look for another solution but right now I'm just too out of it.
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Re: how to start cisco lab 10 years 2 months ago #34279

I didn't mean the power switch. For that I either use something from WTI or BayTech both make inexpensive and reliable products for remote reboot with respect to power.

Take a look at this:

So we need to have the "mode" button (not the power button) held down while the power is cycled. Ordinarily someone sits in front of the device and holds this button down while cycling the power.

Re: how to start cisco lab 10 years 2 months ago #34284

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Unfortunately that part is a security feature and the only way to get around that is physical hackery. This would be another good place to make use of an arduino.

Edit: After doing some research there are 2 ways to do this. The cheaper way is simply taking some cat 5 strands and hooking it up to a USB board (for network connectivity control the usb ethernet boards are more expensive and whats the point if you already have a nic in your pc) and creating a throw switch. Alternatively if you don't wish to physically mess with the inside of the cisco switches to get at a toggle button you can get some servo's:

and attach a cam (which you can make or buy; personally I would rather make one with a water bottle cap)

Note that these are really simple on/off commands so you don't have to get the $50 boards.

Also if you don't wish to make the board you can just buy it and assemble:

Note programming requires a USB to TTY connector you can find them in many computers and if not they are like $1 or less at a local hardware store. (personally I have one already I would not be shocked to hear you have one already)

Edit: I was thinking about it and a solenoid would be better than a motor. Also you can pick them up at the hardware store cheap as many doorbells use them or goto goodwill and rip open an old vcr. Also you may need to put something between your button pressing so it doesn't fry the circuit. May have to do some research on that one.
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Re: how to start cisco lab 10 years 2 months ago #34321

Now that hobbypartz link was just way cool.

I think rather than do 4 separate systems for four different buttons; I could rig it up with one controller. The webcam idea would be a nice touch too.

You've provided me with the encouragement to try and tackle this issue.

Thank you.

Re: how to start cisco lab 10 years 2 months ago #34322

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Some sites to get you started:

(btw I would go with a solenoid for sure they have pre-made controler boards that use usb and come with software like the one above search the term "Solenoid controler")

Not that you would need one but here is a control board for 32 solenoid's. I just thought the picture was cool. Normally people use these for control valves on hydraulics and pneumatics.

Heres the picture in action:

Sparkfun also has tons of parts that you can use they also carry a list of distributors to pick the parts up locally:

Here are some other solutions to look at: (pre-made board that can controll 1 solenoid at a time)

(mutichannel usb control board) Also key to note digikey has a lot of good electronics parts

(same thing as before but this one has an actual listed price $109 to rich for my blood personally i would still make my own.)
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Ghoudakis Lab 9 years 6 months ago #35970

I know this thread has been pushin daisies all year, but after having tried it out, I've got to give props to jmalacko on his lab!

I was fortunate enough (and kinda shocked) to happen upon his URL from this thread. I spent a while checkin it out and finally thought, "what the heck?". I have to say, for everything being offered, it's more than a bargain.

I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan and A) getting my own personal network gear here would be quite a feat, and B)we have no lab space and not quite enough consistently available networking gear to support my studies... All that said, I've looked around for "free" labs like has, which is a great concept; but I certainly don't mind paying a little as .11/hr for this lab access. Booking has been easy and steady and I've been able to book more than 20 hours this week alone(!), and there are definitely others booking. Lastly, I'm sure I've lucked out because this offering is fairly recent, but the majority of the Cisco gear is definitely recent enough to support my CCNP studies (and possibly CCIE when the time comes).

Anyway, I thought I'd give him a plug for those of you who may be hesitant. I'm currently working my Train Signals (Chris Bryant) labs through here; I'll let you all know how things work out.

(Thanks jmalacko!)
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