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Re: VMWare 16 years 3 months ago #1453

  • Chris
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I remember running VMWare a year ago and installing Redhat 7 or 8 (one of the two but I cant remember which one). I had alot of problems trying to get the VGA adaptor working with X, so I ditched the program.

I'm not sure if these compatability issues have been resolved with the new versions of the software.
Chris Partsenidis.
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Re: VMWare 16 years 3 months ago #1458

Microsoft has already bought VirtualPC. They now offer it as part of their campus aggreements. The reason that they are running it is so that the can allow legacy OS's [NT4] to run on the new Win2003 servers.


Re: VMWare 16 years 3 months ago #1459

  • sahirh
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Yup Chris, the X server problems have been fixed, the new XFree86 version 4.something detects the display as 'VMWare Display Adapter'. What was a problem for some people was installing vmware tools in the guest OS. Not to mention RH8 was a real letdown IMHO.

BTW Zippy you're buying a server to test out OS's ?? Wow, now I was just thinking of throwing in some more RAM into this little beast of a 1 gig athlon that I'm so fond of :)

Though It would very funky to run maybe 9-10 virtual machines at one time fully networked. In fact when I get round to getting a 24/7 connection I'm planning on setting up a honeynet in VMWare.

Speaking of sheep, its really funny that you said that about the winxp default wallpaper Zippy, I don't know if you know much about Pink Floyd, but they have an album called 'Animals' where the whole theme is social satire.. with various animals being some type of person in society -- and the sheep are the mindless masses who let themselves be exploited by the greedy pigs and dogs.


Hmm.. I wonder if I'm the only person in the world who's posted about sheep on a networking forum and not really been that far off topic lol

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: VMWare 16 years 1 month ago #2245

  • nubs
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Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.

I'm using VMware right now, brand new user. I seem to be having problems with the Linux install.
After I install Linux 7.1, I cannot seem to run it in GUI mode. I have tried...a)startx...b)/etc/inittab

I have even reinstalled in both text and GUI mode. I chose a custom install and took many of the defaults and simple configurations.

Everytime Linux boots up, it starts me in the CLI for the logon/password, also, the text blinks in and out.

Anyways, Im running the VMWare workstation 4.0 on my WinXP Pro. I have successfully installed 1 guest OS - WinXP Pro, and was planning on installing a few instances of Linux until I had this problem.

Shahir, did you ever run across this problem using VMWare? Also, what platform/version do you use?

Re: VMWare 16 years 1 month ago #2246

  • sahirh
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Heya nubs,
yeah I actually had the same problem when I first installed RH in VMWare. You have to get VMWare tools installed. Its been a while since I did this, but if I'm not mistaken you mount an image from the VMWare directory, its called 'linux.iso' and then when you're in linux, you go to the cdrom drive (don't forget to mount it) and run the or whatever the file is called.

I know my instructions are a bit sketchy, but I would really recommend you go to the VMWare site, they have a huge knowledgebase which you can search based on topics (one of them is 'problems installing vmware tools') 100% your question is answered in there somewhere, because i had to solve the same issue.

If that doesn't work, despair not -- they have a news server.. i think its where people post threads on various issues they've been having. This is also very well categorised into sections based on what host and guest OS you're trying to use. You can ask around there, and you'll get an answer for sure.

As for me, I am running Windows XP service pack 1, with VMWare Workstation 4.0. I have installed guest O/S' of Win2k clean, WinXP, Redhat 7.2, Redhat 9, and Mandrake 9.1. I had the flickering issue with all the linux os/s.

Basically vmware tools sorts all the display and mouse related issues out.. even when you install a win2k / xp guest, if you don't install tools, the mouse and display are laggy. Theres about a 40% improvement in performance with tools installed.

Also, read the help that comes with VMWare Workstation. There are very specific steps you have to follow for each guest (like for RH9 they specifically tell you not to choose to configure the X server during install).

Now my next step is trying to get XP to run in VMWare under linux :)
Then the only reason I would keep XP would be for gaming.

Good luck, and fear not -- your problem can definitely be solved.
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: VMWare 16 years 1 month ago #2250

  • nubs
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Thx Sahir,

I have one more question. I did look through the knowledgebase for about 90 minutes before posting. I can't seem to find the answer on how to set up the network where the entire network is set up completely on a single host computer.

The options for the guest OS NIC card allows me to have a bridged network or custom, but not host-only or NAT.

I have a NIC on my host that is disabled, because I use dialup modem to connect to the internet.

Do you know how I am suppose to configure my network? Maybe by telling me how yours is setup, I can relate.
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