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TOPIC: Whats the speed of your network?

Whats the speed of your network? 16 years 7 months ago #2693

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Hey All... long time no post :wink:

I was just reading over the post Network Interface bytes sent a second. and I just thought what kind of speeds do other people get... just for fun obviously...

I don't know if anyone has posted a post like this before and if they have,... well whoops :D

Anyway my home network is a simple star topology with a Surecom 100/10mbps switch as the core and I get around 12.300MBps which is V. Good almost 100% :)...
At my work well who ever done the topology needs to redo some networking practices cause its really stuffed up and I think its like a extended star with one of the branches actually being the main backbone where all the traffic goes:? Well aside from that they get around 4MBps – 6MBps

So what speeds you get around?

Re: Whats the speed of your network? 16 years 7 months ago #2694

hehe.. dunno, whatever the speed that you get between your machine and localhost is :)... I use VMware.. no home network :(
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: Whats the speed of your network? 16 years 7 months ago #2696

  • Chris
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Well you would probably laugh but my home network has no switches :)

I use one core 16 port dual speed hub which is placed in my rack and one 8 port dual speed hub on my desk. I did actually have switched, but I swapped them for the hubs.... I'm a hub maniac and I can't help it :lol: in all seriousness, I require hubs for the testing and analysis I perform for our site. Saves me the trouble trying to sniff switches!

At the office however, we have a nice network consisting of two 3550 Cisco Catalyst's - layer 3 switches, and around 8-9 3550XL Catalysts with INLINE power ( Cisco IP phones are powered directly from the switches!) which connect to the core network via fiber optic - @ 1 Gigbit.

In this network, the fastest data transfer I have seen was around 8,5 mb/sec which I though was just great considering I never get more than 2-3 mb/sec here at home, and that's with a few million collision leds lighting up during the transfers :wink:

But still ... I preffer the hub, especially the one on my desktop which is a Netgear DS108 ... its leds are simply amazing!
Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Re: Whats the speed of your network? 16 years 7 months ago #2702

For those who don't already know, Chris is the maniac who runs this off a 56k dial-up :)

I love the simplicity of hubs... and the way you can use them to quickly tap a line.. but switches are just one of the inventions that makes you wonder... on a 100Mbps network, with a 16 port switch, you technically have 1600Mbps available :)

Its like that incredible device the thermos.... best artificial intelligence I ever saw... it knows when to keep something hot, and when to keep something cold ;)

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: Whats the speed of your network? 16 years 6 months ago #2805

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Well I did not want to quit at 13 post(s). Just call me a little superstitious. So I thought I would add a little to this one. I understand the hub thing when it comes to analyzing traffic unless you just want to see the broadcast traffic or want to use port mirroring but that is really good for only one port at a time and a tedious job if you want to check out all the ports.

In regard to BW you do know that you would have to configure all 16 ports on that switch into an etherchannel to get 1600MBps unless you are assuming a gigabit trunk to the backbone. You can only get a maximum of 100MBps on each channel and that’s if it is not sharing the backbone at the time. Therefore the speed of the port connecting you to the backbone would be your limiting factor on overall BW. However if you configure all ports and connecting devices as Full Duplex you can get a full 200MBps on each port. I would have to do some research to know what might happen if you were to configure Full Duplex and etherchannel.

I have never done a speed check on my home network. It never really occurred to me. I may have to do that sometime. It might be interesting to try it when it is fully loaded. That would be when my son connects his wireless router (11g) to my network and gets his friends with laptops over here playing Internet games and my daughter is online surfing and chatting. I’m sure it’s no record but I’ve had a combination of 4 wireless and 3 hardwired computers sharing the Internet at the same time with no noticeable delay problems.

My ISP is Mid-continent and their technicians brag that it is rated as one of the top ten fastest networks in the nation. I have no complaints.

Best regards keep up the good work and happy networking.

Re: Whats the speed of your network? 9 years 4 months ago #36852

my speed is
downloads : 1.8 Mbps
uploads : 0.8Mbps

i got this result from this site.
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