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TOPIC: Windows XP Problem

Windows XP Problem 15 years 5 months ago #833

  • ZiPPy
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Hey everybody, havin some trouble with my new laptop. I bought a Fujitsu Lifebook about 4months ago. Its a sweet laptop with the new glass screen that I absolutely love. Its Pentium4 2.6Ghz, Radeon 9000 video card and a 40gig hd with 512mb of DDR RAM, but havin some probs with XP. I have Windows XP Professional and Linux on my hard drive as a dual boot. When I close the laptop and still leave it running it will restart windows. When I go to Standby mode it will also restart. What could be causing this? It has been running solid as a dual boot for some time now since I bought it. I don't want to take off the Linux partition because I need it for school. The only thing I can think of is the laptop came with XP Home Edition and I changed it to Professional which maybe is messing with the system. Other then that I can't exactly figure out why it would be doing this. If anybody has any ideas or could help me, would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, l8er pUtEr gEEks!!

ZiPPy :lol:

Re: Windows XP Problem 15 years 5 months ago #836

I don't really see how the Linux partition or anything Linux related could be causing this. More likely it is a driver problem, specifically you are either running the wrong drivers or your drivers have become damaged. It looks to me like windows XP is trying to call a procedure to reduce power or shutdown your laptop but that somewhere the signals (communication between your laptop and XP) have gotten confused. First remove all power management drivers off your laptop and restart.. if they are built in drivers XP will re-build them from the cab's if they are not you should delete the driver files after removing the driver (look at driver details) and download the up-to-date drivers to replace the files you just deleted.

If the problem continues you might need to return the entire laptop, this could indicate a problem, maybe in the power management controller(S) or if it is a corruption then there might be a problem with your CPU / Ram / Heat problems / HDD ?? But step wisely before returning. Also if you do need to return, whatever happens do not say you installed Linux on it to them or no refund for you... or replacement...

People if your going to post a bug report try this format:
[System Information]

How do I turn off the mouse when I shutdown the computer??

Windows XP (latest Service pack) / and Irix
P4 2.2Ghz, 700mb ram
80gb HDD
Geforce 4 128mb
SB Live 5.1
Floppy drive
Multi-layered raid controller with 500x 40gb hdd on
Microsoft Explorer optical mouse

Noted: I have a optical mouse and the bottom light is still on when the computer is fully turned off !!

Having one big block of text with all that mixed in, in some random order means people are less likely going to read let alone actually help you.

Re: Windows XP Problem 15 years 5 months ago #837

  • Chris
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First of all let me say that your laptop sounds like a beast of a system!

After carefully readying your description of the problem I would say to look towards the Power management system. I've seen similar problems with other laptops and desktop systems where the computer falls asleep but never manages to wake up, or while it tries to come out of standby mode, it brings up the 'Blue screen of death'.

Check your event viewer which is located in the Control Panel-> Administrative Tools for any errors related to your problem. Its a good point to start from.

After that, I would advise you to check the Power Settings (Control Panel) to see what they are set to.

Once you have done that, reboot the laptop and take a look at the Power Management settings, note them down alone side with the other options that your haven't selected.

Finally, visit and do a search for power related problems such as "standy reboot" or "Power management problems" e.t.c If you don't find anything, try changing your key search words until you find some documents. Your bound to fall onto something sonner or later.

If this is a common problem, then you will certainly find a document explaining it in detail, along with the solution.

Closing this post, let us know what your findings are!

p.s How big is your LCD ?:)

Cheers mate,
Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

back to XP prob 15 years 5 months ago #838

  • ZiPPy
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I am currently at work right now reading the posts you guys put up. And Manip I strongly agree with you on posting the problem in an orderly fashion rather then grouping it together like its a concert. I do apologize...I should know better then that :? And very good point on not mentioning Linux if I return. They will blame it on Linux won't they? Haaaaa blame it on a stable and reliable operating system. But I like to think what comes around goes in due time they all will come around 8) You like my system Admin, I spent some time to save up for this bad boy. The screen is a 15" glass screen; that mixed in with my Radeon 9000 video card makes my laptop one of my bestfriends. I think the girlfriend is getting jealous :P Alright puter gEEks I will talk to you all soon. I am having a LAN party at my house so I will work on my laptop there along with some other gEEks. l8er l33t 0nes!!


Re: Windows XP Problem 15 years 5 months ago #839

The other day my ISP's DNS server went down (again!) so I called them up and did the normal "Is your computer plugged into the cable modem...." after all that when they where going though the "Go into internet explorer... " parts I said, no because I also tried it on Linux... here is about what was said:

"I also tried it on my Linux setup, same problem"
"We don't support Linux, if you choice to run linux we can't help you"
"no.. I have linux installed also."
"ok, your need to contact your the maker of your operating system for assistance"
"But it isn't an operating system problem"
"I'm sorry sir but I can't help you because I don't have any information on Linux..."

They never did get to the DNS bit .... even after I told them.... 5hours later the DNS came back online! But only after I had installed bind and set that to query the root servers directly :evil:

Re: Windows XP Problem 15 years 5 months ago #841

  • ZiPPy
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Manip, o my it took me quite some time to stop laughing. Its as if techs and people are afraid when they hear 'Linux'. Its amazing how intimidated people get by Linux. I mean don't get me wrong I struggle and am still trying to learn Linux, but its funny how techs turn you away. Another thing I noticed and you probably have too Manip. You know when you call a tech place wherever and they ask what OS your running, I noticed that there are always about 15 to 20+ techs for Microsoft OS's but for Linux its under 5 techs available. Hmmmmm :P So what flavor of Linux do you run Manip? I just installed Mandrake Linux. I have gotten into the desktop and played with it but now I get a different way of getting into the system.

Now I see on a black screen:

Mandrake Linux release 9.1 (Bamboo) for i586
Kernal 2.4.21-0.13mdk on an i686 / tty1
localhost login:

after I put in my login and password I get

[zippy@localhost zippy]$
what is the command to boot into the desktop

For some reason this style boot up came up one day which I believe is Bamboo. I like it and all just wanted to know if you knew the command to get in. Thanks man...Linux Rulez!!

P.S. UH OH :shock: isn't this a Windows/DOS forum...oops :roll: must have slipped my mind :lol:

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