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TOPIC: operating systems help

operating systems help 14 years 10 months ago #3364

hey i need so help with a colege project that i have to do an i would appericate all the help i can get
i have to compare and contrast the DOS and Windows operating systems
1 operating system Functions
2 structure
3 user interface
4 portability across various hardware platforms
5 file systems supported

if any body can help it could be great r even suggest web sites 4 wher i can get the info

tanks 8) 8)

dude 8) 8)

Re: operating systems help 14 years 10 months ago #3366

well heres a starter for you

DOS = 16 bit operating system
Windows from 95 onwards = 32 bit operating system

DOS had no GUI
Windows has a GUI

DOS supporting only FAT16
Windows supports FAT32

Both are not portable.

That should give you a base to start with.
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: operating systems help 14 years 10 months ago #3369

  • Jack
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TheDude –

What versions of DOS and Windows are we comparing? The answers can very just as much as what we are comparing. If we are just speaking in general then here are a few general answers.

1) To many to list but: DOS/Windows: Defrag, Scan Disk, Change Directory, Make Directory, Etc…
2) DOS: Program’s are contained within there own folder and may use Config.sys and /or Autoexec.bat to help load at start. – Windows: Program’s are stored in their own folders but may use shared files and Autoexec.bat and/or Config.sys
3) DOS: command line text. – Windows: GUI Point and Click.
4) DOS (Clients): IBM, Compaq, Gateway, Compatible IBM’s, Etc... – Windows: (Clients) IBM, Compaq, Gateway, Compatible IBM’s, Etc… (Servers) Alphas and all posted to the left.
5) DOS: FAT, FAT16 -- Windows: FAT, FAT16 And NTFS

This should give you a basic start and help with further research.
I’m unaware of any URL’s that have a break down, but I’m sure there are some.
Jack Burgess, Staff
News Editor / Forum Moderator

Re: operating systems help 14 years 10 months ago #3371

hey tanks sahirh and jack

at least i have someting to start with which is a big help.

this is the 1st time iv used this sits form and iam very impressed with it,ya got back to me quick which usually doesent happen.

tanks again and keep up the good work


Re: operating systems help 14 years 10 months ago #3372

Glad you like the site, and yep, you'll usually get some sort of response within 24 hours in the forum thanks to our 'international team' lol :)

Anyway I'll leave this one to Jack, he's got this Windows stuff down cold.

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
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