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TOPIC: Windows Small Business Server

Windows Small Business Server 10 years 2 weeks ago #26659

  • zaga22
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hi guys,

this is my first post in this forum.. :-)

I'm not an IT technician but my boss thinks i am and is always asking me how to do is and that most of the times questions related with network specifications...

I have a couple questions for u guys...

1. Its is possible without using any "backup program" to program my server to backup all the data with more than 6 months to an external hard drive? i wanted to do this every 6 months, so I want to do is plug the hard drive run a command and then all the data with more than 6 months is copied to my hard drive....

2. What is a NAT table.. and how can i find the information of it... i wanted to do something like this: S: Port / D:Port / D: IP and then the values....

3. how can i access the DMZ and find the ipadress´s for that

Thank you very much for your help...
Greets from Iceland...

Re: Windows Small Business Server 10 years 2 weeks ago #26661

  • Smurf
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Welcome to the forum :)

In answer to your questions;

1. NTBackup comes with Windows Server. It can be used to backup your system but you cannot tell it to backup files that are older than a specific date (but you can do incremental/differential to reduce the amount you backup). This is free and can backup to an external USB. You can also backup your Servers System State and create ASR Disks (Automated System Recovery)

See this Microsoft KB814583 article for the command lines

2. Not 100% sure what you mean ? NAT translated an address to another address (Network Address Translation). Its most comonly used for allowing company networks to access the Internet without each machine requiring an ip address. You have a bunch of IP Address ranges called RFC1918 address (, & are all valid RFC 1918 address). These address are known as private addresses and cannot be used on the Internet. Generally, you would get a Public address from an ISP and then NAT all these Private Addresses through the single public address. A NAT Table (Translation Table, XLATE, or whatever you want to call it) is used to maintain the NAT State for the returning traffic.

For example;

Host A
Firewall Internal
Firewall External

If host A wanted to access the website, it would go thorugh the firewall. When the traffic reached the firewall, it would need to NAT the Host A traffic to be seen to come from the External address The NAT table would keep a mapping of something like;

PreNATPort 1045
PostNATPort 30001

The Website will see the traffic coming from and would send the return traffic to that address, when the firewall gets this traffic it will check its translation table and see the mapping that 30001 points to and it will re-write this infromation into the frame and send it on its way.

3. Again, not sure what you are asking here ? Do you mean you have a DMZ and what to find it out ? Ask someone in the company if thats the case !



Re: Windows Small Business Server 10 years 2 weeks ago #26670

[Useless comment]
With Smurf on the forum.. everybody can be an IT-specialist !! ;-)
[/Useless comment]

For the NAT also include your source-ip if applicable.

source ip / destination ip
will most of the time be sufficient.

Re: Windows Small Business Server 10 years 2 weeks ago #26683

  • Smurf
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hehe :)

Re: Windows Small Business Server 10 years 2 weeks ago #26694

  • sose
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good explanation Smurf

but note that NAT can also be use to translate a public IP address to another public IP especially for organisations that have many branches with multiple public IPs cant provide details now

DMZ is a region of isolation where some servers are isolated in a different subnet from other clients for security reason...DMZ region of no military gunshots ..hahaha

do some googling zaga
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