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FILE plz 12 years 2 days ago #20456

I have an external drive that when i formatted the internal drive with linux it somehow formatted the external with a RAW file system. im lost and when i tried to use windows to format and put a file system on it so i could run recovermyfiles and save it... this is very very importaint so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: FILE plz 12 years 1 day ago #20461

Maybe it did not format it with the RAW file system, and I'll explain why.

A while ago I had two hard drives on a computer, one hard drive I used for backup, and the other one had the OS. When I was ready to upgrade the computer to WinXP, I unplugged the backup hard drive, upgraded, then plugged the backup hard drive back in. When I went to access it, it said it was not accessible and it had a RAW file system. Maybe it was just the way the OS was communicating with the hard drive, and since it was from a previous OS version, the OS didn't know what the heck the data/organization was on the second hard drive, so it couldn't address it, (just a theory).....well, what I did was run a data recovery software, and the files were successfully retrieved quickly and in good condition. Apparently, the data was still in tact, just the OS had no idea what it was, how to interact wit hit (again, just a theory). It took me a while to find a good recovery program, though, but the one I use, I continue to use, and it provides various options for how you want to recover the data (i.e: recover data when the hard drive contains no partition information, recover when in RAW format, etc)....the name of the program i use is Easy Recovery Pro

If the format did somehow someway format the external hard drive, then DONT format it again, you may make it more difficult to recover the data. Simply find a good data recovery software and run that. I'd start in and run a query for "data recovery"

Interesting article what is possible and what isn't possible with data recovery:


Re: FILE plz 12 years 11 hours ago #20473

try booting off a live cd like knoppix, if a linux distro formatted the drive, then it should be possible to read it through there. however, if the drive was actually formatted, you won't see any data. Then try the data recovery tools
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Re: FILE plz 11 years 11 months ago #20648

I also prefer using GETDATABACK....
This is the best i got..
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Re: FILE plz 11 years 11 months ago #20727


there are many data recovery software can hlep you

please see:

Re: FILE plz 11 years 11 months ago #21133

There is one more option you can try to recover your data from formated drive. Stellar Phoenix FAT & NTFS data recovery software . It is a file & partition recovery utility that helps you in recovering your all important data lost after accidental format, virus problems, software malfunction, file/directory deletion.
To try the software download the demo of this partition recovery utility.
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