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TOPIC: Remote Desktop software

Remote Desktop software 13 years 4 months ago #11345

Hi, I am going to setup my own computer repair website soon and wonder what remote desktop software would you recommend to diagnose and fix other people's computers? I have looked at other websites and some use their own software (dont know where they got it from, maybe they use VNC and modify the graphic to their own logo?). I am using Remote Admin, VNC and Remote Desktop. What I prefer when customers click remote desktop icon on my website to download and install on their computer to connect to my PC then I can open up their PC and diagnose.
Your advice which remote desktop software to diagnose other people's computers will be much appreciated.

Re: Remote Desktop software 13 years 4 months ago #11348

  • Chris
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There are a few issues you need to be careful of here.

1) Software licensing.

Ensure the software you'll be distributing to your clients is free or licensed for the purpose. Using shareware software is not recommended as it is not professional and this might seem bad to your customers.

2) VNC Remote control

I've been using VNC for the past 2 years mainly because a lot of customers have it installed. I find it to be a terrible program with screen update problems. Using it over a WAN link makes it exceptionally difficult.

Remote adminstration on the other hand is a great program that allows you to select the 'mode' of control you wish over the client's pc. This is a great program and one of my favourites.

Be warned that there are trojans out there that scan for computers listening to this applications port and try to use standard password combinations to take access.

Lastly, the program is not free, but available as a shareware if you dont want to purchase it.

3) Remote desktop - Microsoft.

Another great product/service. Based on Terminals services, the remote desktop protocol is great for full control needs. Its fast, simple, free and does a great job. Use it where ever you can.

Other programs such as PC Anyware are a bit heavy on Windows systems and I really don't recommend them for these situations.

Closing, there are websites which provide such services where the two clients connect to a webserver session and you're allowed to take control of the other PC. These are a great solution for your case, but do cost a bit!

Hope that helps!
Chris Partsenidis.
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remote desktop software 13 years 4 months ago #11350

  • Arani
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what you are trying to do, I do on a regular basis on my father's computer who is in a different country. all I do is use netmeeting to take control of his desktop, and then i can do practically anything. it acts like a pc anywhere software with no frills. you would find netmeeting on any windows operating system. a simple writeup on your site detailing how to set it up on the client end would be all that you need to have you up and running on your work. but do remember, dialup connections at the client's end would only slow down the interaction. if you need instruction on how to use netmeeting as a remote login tool, let me know, i would be happy to help
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Re: Remote Desktop software 13 years 4 months ago #11357

  • DaLight
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I think the important fact to consider here is that you will be logging into computers of clients with whom you do not have an established relationship. If that was the case you could have picked an appropriate remote control solution, configured it and set it up for remote access. If your potential clients are going to be finding you via your website, you really need a solution that's basically a point and click install and which will find its way through any firewalls. The only two relatively easy and straightforward soutions are a web-based solution as Chris suggested like GoToMyPC or one like which allows the user to download a small executable program from your website which gives you access their PC, and removes itself when the session is over. The cost may however be an issue.

Remote Desktop software 13 years 4 months ago #11405

Many thx to Dalight, Arani and Chris for your reply.

Arani, yes please do send me a simple writeup on my site detailing how to set it up on the client on netmeeting. Thx

Is there a simple program or script to automate remote desktop software on clients end (I mean point and click install) so clients do not have to follow instructions how to setup and install VNC or Remote Administrator or Remote Desktop software on their PC especially some clients have no knowledge on IP address, User Policy,etc

GoToMyPC and NetOp are fantastic to use but it is beyond my budget. Not sure if it is possible to make webserver on my PC?


Re: Remote Desktop software 13 years 4 months ago #11407

Has any one ever heard of LogMeIn? Type logmein into google search engines. I find it quite handy considering I can use it in schools.

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