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TOPIC: Help: Reinstalling Linux again for the nth time...

Help: Reinstalling Linux again for the nth time... 13 years 11 months ago #7265

I'm gonna reinstall linux after years of removing it (Please dont flame me, its my parents who cant figure it out).

I'll be installing Redhat 7.2 as thats the one i've got on a cd....

The problem is:
1) I've forgotten most of my stuff (/wah this board doesn't have the cry emoticon)
2) I only used it on the surface, like a noob learns windows (paint,notepad etc) and now want to use my Modem to surf the net...

So i need u people to help me with this stuff....
1)How to permamnently mount my windows harddisks (just need the file that we have to edit 's name
2)How to get drivers and install em for my D-Link 56 Internal modem (i could get the drivers, how do i install em?)
3) The firefox site has a download for Linux i386 (what in the world is i386)

Please help me out.........and sorry for bieng such a NooB (/wah there is no cry emoticon)
Surya Sharma

Re: Help: Reinstalling Linux again for the nth time... 13 years 11 months ago #7266

Hmm Redhat 7.2 was a great distro, but its a bit old.. instead of installing.. check out Knoppix..

Its a live-cd, you can run it without installing it at all.. plus its Debian based.

In case you're wondering about mounting your hard-disks permanently, the file you're looking for is /etc/fstab

D-link internal modem is a problem.. its a rather esoteric form of Winmodem.. I personally used the free drivers from linuxant for a while, but then it was pathetic at 14.4 so I went back to using an external USR 56k modem..

Anyone else care to shed light on the winmodem question.. specific to Dlink...(which sucks as a company btw... their wireless cards are even more driver problematic).
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
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