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TOPIC: Patrick needs our support

Patrick needs our support 14 years 1 month ago #6874

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everyone please have a check at the last changelog of slackware current (22-01-2005).

There has been an update on Patrick's condition and I was really sorry to read he is not doing so well :(

For those who do not know, Patrick Volkerding, the creator and maintainer of Slackware Linux and a person that has devoted more than 11 years of his life on the slackware project and has contributed much to the linux community, had an adventure with his health some months ago that troubled him much. Doctors were unable to help or diagnose the problem as it was a quite nasty and rare infection.

The unfortunate fact is that according to his last report, it is confirmed that the infection has resulted to infective endocarditis, which is not nice. In his statement he even considers the worst possibility :(

I quote the statement for all who are interested:

And about my status... I didn't want to have to bring this up again, but
since a lot of people are under the impression that I've recovered and I'm
just fine (and are beginning to make the usual demands of my time ;-), I'd
better clarify what's going on. Especially since I'm not exactly fine.

Back on Thu Nov 25, I posted in the ChangeLog that I thought I had infective
endocarditis (and was promptly flamed for self-diagnosing again). After so
much beating around the bush without getting a referral to a cardiologist, I
finally called one myself and waited the two weeks it takes to get in. He is
a top-notch doctor and heart surgeon (I was very lucky to be able get in to see
him), and with no planting of any suggestion from me whatsoever came to the
conclusion that it seemed to be infective endocarditis. I'm still waiting for
more test results, but it looks like I finally have someone working on my side.
So, lets hope that they get some conclusive diagnostics (I get another echo on
Wednesday), that I make it until they do, and that it's not too late for this
to be treated without a need for valve (or heart) replacement. I've had a
rough couple of weeks (well, months really, but especially the last two weeks),
and I have to say that while it's good to have a near-death experience every
couple of years to keep your head clear and your focus on the important things
in life, having one every morning is too often. With that frequency, they
start to become a distraction. ;-)

So, this verson is going to be wrapped up pretty quickly. I hope people
will support the release, because I'm sure I'll have a lot more bills before
all of this is through, and I'm blowing through what little money I've managed
to save. Again, I'm not asking for donations, but I hope that when Slackware
10.1 comes out that people wanting to help out will order it. Also, in case
of emergency I've left instructions with some very trusted people, so nobody
should have to worry that if something happens to me that their Slackware
systems will be orphaned and unsupported. It may be a long road back for me,
but there will be people taking care of security issues as they crop up
(like the folks at GUS-BR and SlackSec), and if I should make an unplanned
departure there are is a basic plan of succession in place.

Thanks again to all the kind folks I've known over the years, and I hope
to know you for many more. :-)

Let us all pray that Patrick recovers and avoids a heart surgery! :(

As a slackware fan, I would like to encourage all those that use slackware and like it or benefit from it, to order the upcoming 10.1 release as a token of their support.

That's all,
Good Luck Patrick, you are The Man!

Re: Patrick needs our support 14 years 1 month ago #6882

As a new Linux enthusiast and supporter of the open-source movement, (i haven't tried slackware yet :? ) I hope for the best of Patrick's health....
I will try to grab a copy of the new release in order to help
Good luck

Re: Patrick needs our support 14 years 1 month ago #6889

Its really sad.. I just hope he pulls through...
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: Patrick needs our support 14 years 1 month ago #6980

I had no idea he was in that bad of shape! I support slackware to the fullest and have been using it for quite some time now on my laptops and Id hate to see the guy who made it possible, well, what i mean goes without saying. Good luck Patrick and I wish you the best!
"He who breaks something to find out what it is, has left the path of wisdom."

Gandalf the Grey
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