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TOPIC: TFTP can not send/receive files!!

TFTP can not send/receive files!! 11 years 5 months ago #27798

I am using Fedora 8 and installed all TFTP packages on 2 computers connected by ethernet LAN adaptor.

When i use "put" command at TFTP prompt, the computer sends TFTP write request to the second machine and it replies with:
ICMP, desination unreachable(port unreachable)

I have disabled firewalls and SELinux on both computers but still can not get rid of this error. "nmap" on the second computer doesn't show any port 69, open though i have enabled port 69 udp/tcp by the graphical icon of Fedora 8.

Though this problem doesn't relate to the firewall and packet filtering because i have disabled firewall!!

What is the answer ? how can i use TFTP?

My email is:
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Re: TFTP can not send/receive files!! 11 years 5 months ago #27799

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Can you ping between the two machines? If not then what is the result? "Destination Unreachable" or "Time Out" or .... ?
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Re: TFTP can not send/receive files!! 11 years 5 months ago #27803

try netstat -l on your server machine to make sure you have actually opened the port correctly and the service is running.

Re: TFTP can not send/receive files!! 11 years 3 weeks ago #29598

# lsof -i - n
as root also will show you the ports open.

Although I would do
ps -eaf | grep ftp
or ps -aux | grep ftp
One of these will show you the command that is run to start the tftpd server.

This is mine:
tftpserver etc # ps -eaf | grep tftp
root 11901 1 0 Feb20 ? 00:00:00 /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -l -R 4096:32767 -s /var/tftp/
root 17635 17612 0 19:10 pts/12 00:00:00 grep --colour=auto tftp
tftpserver etc #

Read the tftpd man page for what the options mean.
# man tftpd

On mine I needed to do this to manually start the tftp server if it hadnt started. I dont trust the GUI's.
# /etc/init.d/in.tftpd start

You can test the route with telnet or ssh, I mean if they can connect to the router from the tftpd server the routings ok.
# netstat -rn shows you the linux routing table.

I found that to get the tftp working, I had to have the server configured properly on linux. try looking for /etc/conf.d/in.tftpd

These might help find a configuration file on linux.
# updatedb
# locate tftpd

Mine was going to send files to /var/tftp/
and within that directory I must have the filename existing before the, in my case, Pix firewall can write its config there. This is the same principal for a router or switch. File must be writeable.
# chmod 0666 filename.txt

On the PIX i needed a tftp-server line
tftp-server inside <tftpd-server-ip> pix-config.txt
the "inside" being the interface the server will be out of relative to the PIX.

From above /var/tftp/pix-config.txt file must exist for this to work.

I need to go through mine but permissions and security needs to be looked at as I think /var/tftp is open for anyone to write to.
Luckily mines behind quite a few firewalls!

Ive got scripts that get the configs via nightly cron job of all the PIX I manage and keeps them on a webpage for other firewall engineers. Engineers can also manually do a write net on teh PIX or routers to do the same before or after changes.

Its very worth while checking this out too. Google for it!
ciscocmd-1.5, its a script that allows you to run any commands remotely to a raft of cisco devices. Whats relevant here is the write net command and having the tftpd set up properly.

Hope that helps,
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