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TOPIC: Tweaking Win98

Tweaking Win98 14 years 1 month ago #7269

I have a 4 Year old comp running win98, and wanted to speed it up.
I have a swap size of 600Mb, is that good or bad (some1 told me that such a big swap would actually slow my Pc down, rather than speed it up....) also, is there any benefit in loading sys files in the upper memory rather than the normal one? (i dont know what i mean, so please dont ask me all this is what i have heard :roll: ) For the rest of my work i use System Mechanic From iolo.... anyone has any better software out there?
Also, i had Win2k before, but got back to 98, cause 1) i missed the powers Dos gave me and 2)Blaster Blasted my comp (I came to know that after i got back to Win98 i was told that our Isp server itself had Blaster and anyone who connected would get it too)
Surya Sharma

Re: Tweaking Win98 14 years 2 weeks ago #7610

Windows 98 is pretty much dead, and there is only so much you can do to make it run fast. 128MB of ram and 40GB disk would be good. Any more ram will not help.

Put has much into upper memory as you can. The more free conventional memory the better.

Use TweakUI to tweak it.

My sugestion would be to forget (if you can) windows and go for some linux distro. Also look for alternative software as to what you are using in DOS.

Win98 14 years 1 week ago #7658

Win98 may be fossilized but it's not dead. If you don't mind it falling over occasionally it's still great for some of those old games that won't run properly on XP. And it's still handy to have as a client you can bung onto a Wiindows-based network and skulk around/access resources without having to join the domain. There are a few tweaks you can try (google) but you can't keep increasing performance forever - it won't go faster than the slowest bit of hardware in your system

Re: Tweaking Win98 14 years 1 week ago #7666

OK, i'll try loading stuff into the Upper Memory.... But how do i do that? :oops:
Surya Sharma

Upper memory 14 years 1 week ago #7673

Er, gasp, I used to know all this once...
In your config.sys you'll have lines that run himem.sys and maybe emm386. You need to supply the correct settings for these to allow you to access upper memory. Once upper memory access is working, you change each line in config.sys or autoexec.bat that loads a driver or program to specify that it loads high. If you google for himem.sys and emm386.exe you should fing the info you need
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