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TOPIC: My Idea....

My Idea.... 8 years 8 months ago #32702

  • talk2sp
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Hello People how best could i have started this post...

Few weeks back i submitted a letter to an Engineering Coy here to deploy Intranet Facility for them. My task was to deploy: An FTP Site and Server, AD, Exchange, file backup scheme, server to external media scheme, some Lan Instant Messaging, etc, etc.

Well then they were so interested and called me over to bring in a proposal. which i did. (infact contacted Chris for some tips and he gave me nice tips). I created some visio graphs and infact 2 flowchart diagrams and did some folder structure. well they digged it too. But so stubborn bosses they sent their Admin Manager to come and see if i truly have done such. So i refered them to my office (Owned By Israelis) which is closer to theirs, and he came and saw and em enjoyed the sight and everything. Now he went back with good report but still yet the GM says well she and her bosses (Directors and co) can't come down to see my stuff that i should make a presentation. Not some power point presentation but something they should see working. The only place i can show them this is my office other sites are thus far.

Ok how can i go and deploy something that will take me 12 days or less and not sure if they might go on it?! so i thought. and em the GM (a lady grew up in the UK but a Nigerian) said i should go work out something infact she added more task. She needed more to what she wanted at first; an auto - backup from workstations to server (because user might not backup everything or might be selective), auto - backup from server side to external HD (my thought - not a problem at all), to be able to see wat each user is doing without them noticing her (my thought - no problem at all), she added something that will last till 5-10years time... (my thought - Gosh no problem at all).

Now i don't have a problem implementing all these. Something that will lift her from the ground even if i have to script / code something. I can trip her.

Since i don't want to make a wrong move and go waste time and yet they might give me story at the end instead of cash i came up with the following later on after some cool drink...

My Idea:
1- Get 3 Laptops
2- Install Virtual Machine on each Laptop
3- Mount Virtual OS (Xp / Vista/....)
4- Get 1 Desktop and Install VM and then mount windows server Virtual Image on it (meaning two OS on one system, one physical one em logical (spiritual <lol>)
5- Configure all i plan and then on a round table give each of the audience (the bosses) a laptop then create a small network with a linksys broadband N.
6- Make a presentation Using the small setup
7- Is someone feeling me..,..?

My Questions:
1- Where can i get VM OS Images to mount on VM boxes? I know of Ubuntu but what of windows? or is it just the normal ISO images?
2- What other idea do u have if different from mine?

I will have just Left them alone since they dont want to come down to see. But i need to prove something to that GM (my uniqueness) cos she is making me feel i have contenders and if i dont bring something fast though she's not down with theirs, she might just pick theirs. (i cant let that happen)

Thanks Guys it's C0DE - 3

... than starting with My Idea

Re: My Idea.... 8 years 8 months ago #32809

  • gagamboy
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Hi Talk2sp,

For VM - I would recommend VMware (open-source)
For Vm OS image - you can use your typical winxp/OS CD and mount it in VMware.. or you can download your OS in piratebay if you dont have any OS images.. :twisted:

Virtualization is a good idea.

Goodluck on your work.

thanks Gboy... 8 years 8 months ago #32836

  • talk2sp
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Hey Gboy thanks for ur suggestion. I thought no one was gonna answer me i so forgot that i even posted stuff (lol). Thanks i will surely go for VM.

cheers man

C0DE - 3

Re: My Idea.... 8 years 8 months ago #32864

  • sose
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companies usually issue what we call RFP- request for proposal
then network engineer or project managers respond. but without RFP one can
draw his own using this format:

Executive Summary
Network Requirements
Current Network Environment
Proposed Physical Design
Proposed Logical Design
Implementation Plan
Cost Estimate

in your case, it will be difficult for you to provide adequate infrastructures to
to prove your claims. I will suggest you list your past projects and referees for them to
clarify. if they can rely on that then they dont know what they want

they requested.... 8 years 8 months ago #32867

  • talk2sp
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Bro Sose they called in for RFP. I submitted a letter then 3 weeks later i had a meeting with the GM then she told me to bring in a proposal. Man i have given them client i have done stuff like this infact they sent their Admin Manager to confirm he went, saw, was astonished and confirmed yet the GM (a tough lady) says she needs something like a presentation. A real scenario. and i am like since it's not software thing.

Well i had in mind running Virtual demo for them..., and em Gagamboy also suggested Virtualization...

thanks man and how was ur holiday?

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