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TOPIC: new here umm.. having or whating to kill my computer// popup

new here umm.. having or whating to kill my computer// popup 11 years 2 days ago #24840

it started a long time ago, ummm.... pop ups come up i am using Firefox, and have a firewall, i use avg 7.5 i use Ad-Aware, i use spy bot search and destroy, so i asked are computer guys about what is going on and he said try useing________ i think he said some thing about using a windows cd to scan my computer, and i told him i don't what to do that so he then told me to download Spy ware Terminator and try and see if this works, it worked for a day then it started do what it did before. it's just i don't like it when i am working and then pop[ ups come up and "sign:" it pisses me off thats all.

can u please tell me what is going on here.

Re: new here umm.. having or whating to kill my computer// popup 10 years 5 months ago #27095

are you using xp or vista? if your using Firefox you should get the add-on adblock plus this might help.

Re: new here umm.. having or whating to kill my computer// popup 9 years 11 months ago #29297

I would say if they have been removed for a day but started coming back again that the problem (most likely a dodgey temporary file) is being put on your computer from a website you are visiting on the computer in question.

Try the program which you said removed it again and try not visiting any websites which arn't work related for a few days.

If you still get them i'd call into question the websites you need to visit for work. As a test, try visiting the same sites on another computer and if they get the same popups, you know where the problem lies.

Firefox's popup blocker while it is good, i find it doesn't block 100% of popups.

If you are a more advanced user, you can stop specific sites from storing temporary files on your computer in firefox's (or internet explorer and most other browsers) settings menu but this may also prevent you from being able to log in on those sites as temporary files may be needed by the website to identify the log-in.

If none of this works, i would run a scan for viruses. If you dont have a virus checker i think mcafee does a free online scan from their website. It is perfectly possible for viruses to create popup problems.

I hope this helps! Let us know how you get on :)

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