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TOPIC: logging to domain from wireless comptuers.

logging to domain from wireless comptuers. 15 years 7 months ago #6144

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:? I am a new member to this forum and it's really great site and a good forum.
The problem i am facing is that --- i have extended the wireless network from wired using an access point. but the wireless systems are not able to login to domain.
setup is like this

router --domain -- dhcp server -- Access point -- wireless systems

i am using a netgear Access Point and Netgear Wireless cards.
for netgear wireless card they have a software and it has to be activated once the system boots up completly and then they get connect to access point which inturn gets an IP address from DHCP. but there is a domain login to all the systems to logon to domain.

tell me how can i solve this issue. DHCP won't give the IP until it gets the request from access point and access point wont send a request until the system boots up and the software is enabled.

Re: logging to domain from wireless comptuers. 15 years 7 months ago #6148

Hey mate,
I haven't understood what you meant that that AP needs to get a DHCP address, usually what happens is the AP has a static IP and the wireless clients get a DHCP address from the AP.
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wireless 15 years 7 months ago #6177

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I have wireless through my house I don't have a problem. I have the router working as the DHCP server, however you need to make sure that you have your AP configured correctly. Are you using it just as a repeater? Are you using any WEP or encryption? If so it needs to be configured on the AP as well as the computer as well as the router....

I am using Access Point as repeater but i am still not bale 15 years 6 months ago #6440

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Hi all,
Thanks for the suggestion. I am using my access point as repeater. I am not able to login to company's domain. I don't use any WEP or WPA. My system gets IP from the router only after logging on to domain( checked it with ethernet) and with out the IP address it will not allow to logon to domain as public IP on router is static.

I understand the problem. 13 years 10 months ago #16471

I had the same issue. Logging on to a domain only works if the client is connected to the net with cables.

I know that the ethernet cards are activated in Windows Splash Screen before any requests to the Internet are made.

Does anybody know where exactly in the program/process an ethernet card is turned on? (Examples: Registry, System.ini, boot.ini)

wireless ap issue 13 years 10 months ago #16475

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the issue here is a third party wireless network card software which would not come into action untill the system has booted up entirely. until that happens you wont be able to use your wireless card. why not try and use the windows default drivers for your netgear cards and see if there is any difference. wireless configuration zero in services.msc should be able to tell you whether windows is managing the wireless cards or have you stopped it from doing so. in that case i would suggest re-enabling wireless configuration zero, and let windows manage the cards. then see if the card comes to life and has managed to grab an IP address via the AP by the time the entire systems boots up.
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