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TOPIC: Linksys Wireless router

Re: Linksys Wireless router 13 years 7 months ago #17603

XP is a pretty good OS when it comes to automated wireless connections. if you are not using an intergrated wireless sometimes it wont connect right...
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how do you connect? 13 years 7 months ago #17604

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hi richelle214
you still didn't tell us how you connect to the internet in the first place. do you use adsl connection, or cable connection or are you on dialup?
i can gather that you are using a wireless adapter on that pc, which says that the last leap of your connection is bound to a wireless router. now how that router connects to the internet is the main question.
don't worry about the Internet Gateway icon on your network connections window. that tells you that you are using an intermediate device between your internet service provider's equipment and your pc. i am sure that device is that wireless router to which the pc connects to.
this is a typical scenario and is perfectly normal. so let me assure you. you don't need to do anything. let it stay there, as it does you know harm.
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Re: Linksys Wireless router 13 years 3 months ago #19678

i have this new pc.....i use a linksys wireless adapter...when i check my network connections....i see the wireless network connection enable but i still have that one which called internet gateway...i supposed that is an internet connection sharing software.....when i disable that i can no longer access the internet...but linksys said that if im using the router i should not use an ics in my network and i did that...i uninstall internet gateway but now i cant connect..if i have that enable my connection is fine...

what will i do?....please help........

well the linksys tech. you talked to is you are using a router doesnt matter if it is linksys or some othe manufacturer, you are not supposed to use the ICS. Router works on the ethernet which do not share the internet connection in the entire n/w

could you please post me the detailed n/w the router model no and your internet service provider and the no of comps in the n/w

i am sure i will be able to resolve your answer

Unwanted Internet Gateway 13 years 3 months ago #19725

Well the same thing just started happening to me. the cause. I have tried 3 linksys routers. When I am plugged in directly to RCA Cable modem, no problem. The internet Gateway Icon and process does not appear. When I plug in the router, the annoying band reducing "Internet Gateway" appears in network Connections. I actually reformatted my laptop thinking it might be a virus. Then I isolated my desktop,disconnecting its ethernet cord.
After reinstall, same problem appeared, so not a virus. Linksys technician actually told me I had to tell TIME WARNER CABLE to register my router as well as my modem. TWC said that is nuts and they will only register their own rentout routers, yuck.
What is going on here? I have tried turning off windows ics/firewall service, to no avail. Help?

Re: Linksys Wireless router 13 years 2 months ago #20225

Having "Internet Gateway" icon is not going to hamper anything. I guess This icon is there to tell that your computer is connected to Internet and have route to other networks... if i m not mistaken.
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