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TOPIC: Supernetting and Route Summarization

Supernetting and Route Summarization 14 years 4 days ago #7735

Hey all, I've been reviewing CCNA in preparation for the exam and need some clarification.

I was under the impression that Route Aggregation, Supernetting and Route Summarization were all one and the same, with Supernetting usually only being used to refer to a block of IPs that fall under common administrative control. Yet the end of chapter questions for chapter 2 in CCNA 3 question #6 asks

"Which method represents a collection of IP addresses within a single IP address?" A. Classful routing B. Supernetting C. Address translation D. Route summarization.

It lists the correct answer as D but technically it could be either, right?

Is there a site that lists corrections to Cisco textbooks as I have stumbled across a few other wrong answers in their "answers" section through CCNA and also their CCNP texts. I can't help feeling that there are others that I am missing entirely and getting the wrong answer.

Re: Supernetting and Route Summarization 14 years 4 days ago #7737

hi LooseCannon, I think the answer is NAT(Network Address Translator) because NAT Translates a Set of IP address to an Single IP Address. Please Correct me If I am Wrong.

:lol: VINOD M

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Re: Supernetting and Route Summarization 14 years 3 days ago #7754

Thanks for the response, VINODM. What you say is true but I don't think it is correct for this question. NAT overload isn't talked about until later in the CCNA book so I am guessing they want a response of route summarization or supernetting since that is what the chapter focused on. They are also careful just to call it address translation, rather then NAT or PAT.

Re: Supernetting and Route Summarization 14 years 3 days ago #7760

i think the answer is supernetting. since the question is based on ip address therefore its more on supernetting/subnetting part.if the question is more on routing then the answer should be route summarization.

Re: Supernetting and Route Summarization 14 years 3 days ago #7761

the answer is route summarization cos if it should answer nat or pat it should talk about "translation"... but it ask what metod is to see a network from outside with a single ip ...
you think about a stub network
the router will summarize the IP and it does not show every networks ....

Re: Supernetting and Route Summarization 13 years 11 months ago #7836

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This is where you have to be an English expert as well as a networker. The word method is key to the question. Supernetting is a numerical technique or mathematical process used to express a group of network addresses. Routers do not supernet. However, routers do summarize routes which is a method used to represent a range of ip addresses with just one. If you were allowed two answers then you are right that both answers would be correct. Being allowed only one answer you chose the best answer.

Be aware that you will have questions where none of the answers are fully correct or more than the number allowed seem partially correct. You do not choose correct answers on a Cisco test you choose best answers.
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