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TOPIC: explain the terms

explain the terms 14 years 7 months ago #766

  • anwar
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i will be thankful if u explain me about the following terms.
1) Load
2) Reliability
3) Max Transmission Unit
4) Band Width
5) Delay
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Re: explain the terms 14 years 7 months ago #771

  • hiro-fu
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This is a quick reply:

Most info can be found at:

Another address for Max Transmission Unit:

And one more resource:

I hope this helps.

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Re: explain the terms 14 years 7 months ago #773

  • tfs
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In case you didn't get a chance to look them up, the short answers:

These are all metrics 4 are used to calculate routes, the other 2 (you are missing hop count) are used in other ways. These are IGRP Metrics (I assume).

1) Load - How heavily utilized is the given link (the link could be faster that another link, but if it is overloaded with traffic - a slightly slower link may be a better choice. Faster is not always better).

2) Reliability - what is the error rate of the link ( Ratio of packets that arrive undamaged).

3) Max Transmission Unit (MTU) - The maximum size of a packet (datagram), this is not for calculating routes - just tells other routers what size packet it can accommodate. If the packets are larger than the MTU, they can be broken up into 2 or more packets.

4) Bandwidth - speed of the link (1200 bps - 10 Gpbs, defaulting to T1 speed of 1.544 Mbps).

5) Delay - measures the amount time to traverse the link in the network. The sum of the delays of other routers it must go through in a route.

6) Hop count - ( the one not mentioned and is not used by IGRP to calculate route - just to prevent routing loops). Hop count is maintained by IGRP as a threshold comparison. If you have passed the number of hops defined (up to 255), routes are invalidated.

Hope this helps,


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