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TOPIC: Speedtouch 510 living it's own life... Upnp

Speedtouch 510 living it's own life... Upnp 15 years 8 months ago #585

First of al, my compliments fot this piece of art, don't know any other website able to match this level...

But now for my question: Is there anybody who has experience with the Speedtouch 510 "ADSL router"? Since my (and my friends) Speedtouch'es are living it's own life. Static routes appear and disappear... dns forwarding works, and malfunctions... And even worse: IP interface are born, and die.... And a lot of these virtual ip interfaces and static routes begin with 169.x.x.x. And for as far as I know, that has to do with the new Upnp protocol.... Well, my device is working in the sense of: I can always browse the internet. But I don't like routers to adjust their own config. And it is not my problem only, I've got some friends who have the same device, and they al share the same problems. Even when Upnp is diabled!

I hope there is anyone who can help me out.... Cause I really can't use these security holes....

Thanx already,
Jori Huisman (SixFive7)

Re: Speedtouch 510 living it's own life... Upnp 15 years 8 months ago #586

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We have just installed an ADSL service at the office and I've had nothing but problems. While the routers given to each customer are different from the ones your using, there are a few common practice steps you can take to try and solve your problem(s).

The first thing you should do, if you haven't already, is to visit the vendor's website and see if there are any firmware update for the router your using.

In most cases it should help atleast resove a few of the problems,if not all.

On the other hand, the 169.x.x.x address range you mentioned rings a bell for me .... could it be possible that a XP-Win2k workstation on your network is giving the router a dynamic IP for some silly reason?

Windows 2K and XP will automatically give themself an IP in the above mentioned range, and I'm suspecting this could be the root of atleast one of your problems.... take a look into this matter and see if your router's LAN interface is set to DHCP mode, and if so, change it to a static one.

Let us know what your outcome is.

p.s Thanks for the kind words, we plan to make this site the No.1 resouce for all people interested in networking.

Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Speedtouch 510 living it's own life... Upnp 15 years 8 months ago #614

I had indeed already updated my Speedtouch with the newest firmware... However, I still have the same problems. I have checked your suggestion about the 169.x.x.x series, but I don't have any computer that are giving thereselfs private adresses... Also my Speedtouch was configured as a auto-detect DHCP server (in case my win2k3 SBS server fails). But, just to be sure I changed it to a completely static IP device. To bad, it didn't help...
And suddenly I noticed a thing, while Upnp was disabled on the router, windows XP still installed the "Internet Gateway" Upnp client! Don't know why, but maybe this is causing the strange dynamical routes. But I still remain with the same problem, so here is my question: If I want to have a ATM to 100baseTX network router with a DNS forwarder, ppp ISP dialup and a huge dynamical NAT table (10000 records or what), and also a backup DHCP server. What device do I need to buy? (if possible not that expensive, and I should be able to buy it in Holland)

Thanx Already,
Jori Huisman

ps, dont bother the:
"we plan to make this site the No.1 resouce for all people interested in networking."

Re: Speedtouch 510 living it's own life... Upnp 15 years 8 months ago #814

Crazy sounding problem, and it sounds like you know your stuff so I'm sure you've isolated basic problems..
about that IP 169.x.x.x, its in a microsoft specified range and windows assigns it to interfaces usually when it can't bring them up or can't get an ip over dhcp. I dont know how this could relate to your problem though ..

as a general rule, just kill upnp, its worthless and you're right its full of security holes. for the correct way to kill it go to , in the freeware section they have a little thing to make sure its disabled.

About static routes being added and removed.. that seems strange, a static route can only be added administratively.. I'm really not sure about this but check your windows services and see if routing and remote access is disabled..

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
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