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TOPIC: How do I ping between two LANs?

How do I ping between two LANs? 9 years 1 week ago #34179

Hello everyone!

I am trying to set up two LANs in my home office to develop a VPN project for school. One LAN is set up using a Thomson 546 ADSL modem and ADSL service provided by my employer (I live overseas in Saudi Arabia). The other LAN uses a wireless gateway to connect to the internet using local ISP wireless service. This way, I believe I can eventually “send” the VPN connection request outbound using the wired ADSL modem, and “receive” the VPN request via the wireless gateway into the secondary LAN and Windows 2003 server in a VPN role. (Inbound connections are the objective, as my university professor and fellow students must be able to use my VPN solution to connect and do something within my LAN.)

My first victory is measured by the successful outbound “ping” from the ADSL to the wireless gateway. However, I have been unsuccessful so far. How do I get a ping request to respond positively to my wireless gateway? I have the ISPs DNS and DHCP information, but cannot get a successful ping.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Re: How do I ping between two LANs? 9 years 1 week ago #34180

  • S0lo
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As far as I can understand, you are trying accomplish a site-to-site VPN. In other words, you don't want the users to each have a VPN client, you want the two networks to establish the VPN connection, so that the users will transparently be able to connect to your home network. Or is it not?

If my assumption is correct, your Windows 2003 server (which I'm assuming is your VPN server) has to have a public IP. Do you have a public IP for it? and can you ping it from out side?

If your Win2003 Server is NOT the VPN server, then what is?
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Ammar Muqaddas
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Re: How do I ping between two LANs? 9 years 1 week ago #34184

Hi SOlo.

The reasoning behind my configuration is so that I can develop and test a custom VPN client from my ADSL connection. I envision building a VPN client so that remote users can access certain resources on my secondary LAN setup (a proxy for a small office environment). For example, using a computer on the ADSL-equipped LAN, I would then build and test the VPN client by trying to connect to the Win2K3 server via the wireless gateway and local ISP (basically on the other side of my office).

I have limited resources and I want to employ a computer running Windows Server 2003 as the VPN server, but no, I have not yet configured it. I am concerned that I cannot get a successful ping to the wireless gateway that is (or will be) attached to the Win2K3 server. Can I expect better results by first configuring the VPN role of the Win2K3 box?

Thanks for your interest and assistance!

Re: How do I ping between two LANs? 9 years 1 week ago #34207

  • S0lo
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Does your Wireless gateway have a public IP or a private IP? If it's private, you can NOT ping it from inside the other network, and it's probably not the edge router that connects the network to the internet. The edge router (device) is the one you should try to ping first. Tell us whats your case.
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Ammar Muqaddas
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Network Diagram 9 years 5 days ago #34270

  • Arani
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Hi there,
How about a network diagram posted over here. Makes life a lot easier when it comes to troubleshooting. In networking terms, a pictures paints a thousands bits, and most times even more.
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Re: How do I ping between two LANs? 9 years 4 days ago #34278

  • rizin
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If you tell us what exactly do u want to do we will give few solutions which match your Work Environment, First of All clear all the things about VPN and other, let start from First.

1. What is your project.

2. What are the components do you have.

3. Which OS do you run in Server and How many Servers

4. Which OS will be installed in Client computers.

5. Do you use any physical Firewall.

6. Give full details about your Office and Home IT Set up.

7. Total Number of users and How many user need remote access.
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