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TOPIC: router MAC

router MAC 9 years 3 months ago #32510

sry, just a noob question.. i was going thru the routing process and I am confused as to how many MAC address does router have ?

does routers every interface has a MAC address or Just a single MAC address..?? coz' i saw in some question that every interface in Router having MAC address..

another question..

in OSPF .what is the use of wildcard mask ??

# network area 0

what does this mean ? i know how to calculate wildcard mask but what does this mean ?

thx, sry for the noob question.

Re: router MAC 9 years 3 months ago #32511


when pc A ping Pc B

Source Mac: PC A
Destination Mac: fa0/0 Router A

Source Mac: fa0/0 Router A
Destination Mac: s0/0 Router A

Source Mac: s0/0 Router A
Destination Mac: s0/1 Router B

Source Mac: s0/1 Router B
Destination Mac: fa0/0 Router B

Source Mac: fa0/0 Router B
Destination Mac: PC B

is this how it goes encapsulating and decapsulationg packets ??

or a Router has just 1 MAC address ??

am i missing something here ?


Re: router MAC 9 years 3 months ago #32512

1) Each interface has a unique layer 2 address. If they are ethernet ports then they will have a unique MAC address per port.

2) The wildcard mask is just a stupid way to express a 'normal' subnet mask. It is a completely pointless way to express an already confusing subject and Cisco should be punished for their inconsistent use of mask type.

In your case, OSPF will advertise the network to his friends in Area 0. This means OSPF will tell them that he has a path to any host with an address between - I prefer to just turn on OSPF on the interface itself, that way it automatically grabs the subnet without you need to type it in.


Re: router MAC 9 years 3 months ago #32521

thx alot man...
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