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TOPIC: Server assigned netmask

Server assigned netmask 16 years 3 weeks ago #298

Hello all,

I have one question I can't answer for a long time. I am sure here I can find my answer

I have 3COM Netserver16 (simple router with 16 built in modems), I use it for leased line connections for my customers. The configuration to be done is very simple so I'll just mention interesting part:

set user test address
set user test netmask

I tried to find out what does netmask mean (when setting up firewall this netmask means the exact host) but how this works in networking means? It should mean that network address, host address and broadcast address are the same. This is different case and I haven't found any docs about it's logics so maybe someone can point me. One more thing: If I define route like <ip of my netserver>

then I have to assign address to my user. Is this valid address/mask for standalone host?

Thanks in advance.

Server assigned netmask 16 years 2 weeks ago #299

  • Chris
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Good question !

When it comes to IP Assignments in dialups, things are a bit different than narmal LAN ip assignments.
The 32 bit subnet mask you are reffering to is something I have seen many times across dialups and is normal.

As far as the route entry and IP's assigned to the dialup clients, it would be valid depending on what you are trying to do. It is unclear why you would define a route of <ip of your netserver> to your workstations, or I might have understood it incorrectly.

Can you provide us with more information on what exactly your trying to do ?


Chris P.

p.s When the ppp protocol topic is covered, be sure to find here on all the information you couldn't locate on the internet.
Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Server assigned netmask 16 years 2 weeks ago #300

Hello Chris,

Thanks for your reply.

About routing:

Say I have the following scheme:
| |-(router)---(internet)---
|S| -->
|W| <--

router ip =
netserver1 ip =
netserver2 ip =

pool on netserver1 =
pool on netserver2 =

then I'll assign routes on router like this:

ip route
ip route

and default routes on netservers to

that all means that broadcast packet make sence only in the same subnet, and any host outside this subnet is unable to send droadcast packet to all hosts in the particular subnet correct?

Thanks [img]images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Server assigned netmask 15 years 11 months ago #301

any additional info?

Server assigned netmask 15 years 11 months ago #302

  • Chris
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Wrath Child,

All your routes seem to be correctly placed and your subnet boundries are correct.

As far as the boradcasts your talking about, the clients who connect to the netservers should not be able to send broadcasts to the networks they are attached to.

From the client's prospective (he is the one dialing to the netserver), this is what we call a stub network, and shouldn't be required to send any broadcasts to the netserver.

Now, you should also be able to configure the netserver to simply drop any broadcasts it receives from its dial in clients.

The other thing which I am thinking about right now is that if a client dials in and receives an ip address of e.g with a subnet mask of, then my guess is that it shouldnt be able to do a "subnet broadcast" on that line, simply because of its configured subnetmask which is, though I am not 100% sure on this, its just a logical assumption on my behalf and I would be very interestead in anyone elses opinion.

Let me know what your thoughts are.

Chris Partsenidis.
Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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