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TOPIC: My networking assignment

My networking assignment 10 years 10 months ago #29645

Hello, I'm doing network assignment and this forum seemed to be give out the best advice :D,

rite to start with we were told the assignment required a class B network and we hav to vlan

there is 158 pc's in total and 2 servers,

160 nodes in total then,

we hav to vlan replacing the need for 2 of the routers,

The lectures and not so willing to answer/teach :-(

I have one more lecture 2moro and not many lectures left before I have to complete this coursework so any help would be very appreciated

Many Thanks
The Network_Noob :D

Re: My networking assignment 10 years 10 months ago #29646


Re: My networking assignment 10 years 10 months ago #29650

Hi network_noob. You've not really provided enough information to see what they are getting at with the question but here's a few things that might help you.
You seem to understand a Class C network, subnet mask Here you have 24 bits for the network part of the address and eight available for the host part. In general the number of hosts available in the network is (2 to the power of n)-2, where n is the number of host bits available. So for a Class C network you have 2^8-2 which gives 253. The -2 is because the lowes 'host' address is reserved for the network address and the highest for the broadcast address. Similarly, your Class B network works exactly the same, with a subnet mask of giving 2^16-2 = 32766 possible hosts.
Why they are telling you to use a Class B network I don't know; we'd need to see the question in its entirety.
Secondly, if you are going to have VLANs then each VLAN needs to be hosting a different 'network' in IP terms, otherwise you can't route between them. By using switches and VLANs you're not eliminating routers, the layer-3 features in the switches are doing the routing instead.
Hope that helps a bit. If you can post the entire question with a diagram we might be able to figure out what's being asked

Re: My networking assignment 10 years 10 months ago #29654

thanks for the reply heres the image, hav got to do to get gd marks this on packet tracer with vlan's,

currently the dhcp server isn't issuing an ip to nodes, but im almost certain its something to do with the router...

now posting the other parts, if you want i can post the packet tracer file.

Re: My networking assignment 10 years 10 months ago #29655

rite, the class were given a diagram as shown above but with routers where switch's 39, 34 on the picture were actually routers. This was the proposed plan of a company called HUI network services .

The current situation is just basically replacing all the switches and routers with hubs :? therefore its just unreliable.

The tasks are

provide a more efficient and cost effective solution of which maintains the functionality of the network...

a report showing proposed network advantages over HUI's

a list of new equipment and prices

a annotated drawing of the proposed network

a logical map

and the programming scripts required to set-up any routers or switches

I have only had 2/3 lessons on networking so my knowledge is somewhat what I have mainly researched on-line plus what's been thrown at me
But today I have now been told its class networking C for a pass, (40 %) Class B for a merit and Class A networking for a distinction.
VLSMs for security measures and boast my marks to help get the distinction.
I am now going to be making some cheese on toast and get cracking on with many networking Google searches and readings
many many thanks for any replies :D

Re: My networking assignment 10 years 10 months ago #29656

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It would help if you could post the original packet tracer file and the full question that you were given. I can't seem to grab the requirements well.
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