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TOPIC: Bandwidth Monitoring

Bandwidth Monitoring 14 years 5 months ago #2931

  • baza
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Hi All

I a trying to get bandwith stats on my network but unfortuanately i am not able / allowed to access the Cisco 2600 router. I need to find another way of picking up \ collecting the data and then putting it into a readable graph format and then publishing it on web. Is there a program that could do all of that for me ?

I was thinking of puting a hub in front of the router and then getting a program to pull of stats from a machine connected to the hub. Could i use MRTG or something like that ? Or Iris.

I need to be able to see what percentage /exact amount of traffic is being caused by / generated by each user for arbitrary time periods. I need historical views / data.

I would greatly appreciate any help.



Re: Bandwidth Monitoring 14 years 5 months ago #2933

hi baza..
i was wonderin whether u could use protocol inspector...u can download the trial version for free...and try it out...jus my 2cents worth...hope u get more help, coz i wanna noe how to do it as well:)

Re: Bandwidth Monitoring 14 years 5 months ago #2939

Isn't protocol inspector a packet sniffer ?

Re: Bandwidth Monitoring 14 years 5 months ago #2940

Baza, please don't cross post a topic to more than one forum as it just confuses things with the discussion being split between two places.. post to a forum meant to deal with the question.

I've deleted the duplicate post from Security & Firewalls as its not relevant there.

Re: Bandwidth Monitoring 14 years 5 months ago #2952

  • baza
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Hi Guys

Thanks for the help so far.

Very sorry for the cross topic.

I have tried to use MRTG but the problem is the snmpd part of MRTG that obviously needs to talk to the router to get stats. The router is not enabled to broadcast the name of the router so i am unable to see / use that.

I was thinking of using another router infront of mine and being able to manage that one and then i would be able to get the stats from that router. The only problem is that i think it would be to expensive and i have to lines going to our main branch and thus i would need to have two WLAN cards on that router as well and how would i connect it to the other router to get the traffic to flow through it ?

I have got a trial download of IRIS (great) to use as a packet capture if i use a hub but that will only give stats on what is going on right at that moment.

I was hoping to use somehting like MRTG to be able to get graphs on the amount of bandwidth usage and to be able to collect the data over a period of time.

I was hoping there would be a way of doing it through Linux and using a proxy server and forcing everybody through there and then capturing there data there and then using MRTG to view the data. Still trying to find out if i can do it. Will let you know if it will work.

Thanks again.


Re: Bandwidth Monitoring 14 years 5 months ago #2955

Hmm :) You could try accessing the SNMP daemon on your router and see if you can make changes :) but shhh don't tell anyone.. the community string would most likely be 'private' or 'public'.. and if you have write access you can do what you like with it.. make sure you get the MIB for your router though :)

You'll be amazed at how often this works... everyone password protects the router.. but lill ol' snmp stays running !

Another little tip for you.. SNMP1.0 sends the community string in cleartext... you still have IRIS with you don't you ? Hehe

"They put up huge walls to stop us passing through, so we just tunneled under them"
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