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TOPIC: Frame-Relay Practice Exam Question

Frame-Relay Practice Exam Question 15 years 4 months ago #2731


Here's a frame-relay related question from a practice exam that came with Wendell Odom's CCNA book. The supposed answer has me rather confused.

Wilma wants you to change the configuration to use a multipoint subinterface. Which of the following do you need to use to migrate the configuration? (Note: DLCIs 101 through 110 are used for the ten VC's). Select all that apply:

A. interface-dlci
B. no encapsulation
C. no ip address
D. frame-relay interface-dlci
E. encapsulation frame-relay

Select the 2 best answers.

Anyone care to take a guess?


Re: Frame-Relay Practice Exam Question 15 years 4 months ago #2753

hey greenice,
hmm in case u might have missed it...the explanation to the qn u asked is on page 542....

actually u have to remove the ip address from the main serial interface...otherwsie when i think u are sending a pkt, ur router will be confused as to where to send it other words the int ip address needs to make way for the sub interfaces....

anfd frame-relay interface-dlci (NUMBER) actually maps the ip address to the dlci number.....the ip address of the sub interface is mapped on to the dlci number....

hope tt help grrenice

hey i got a if the router is sendin a pkt to the will look up the ip address and find tt the add is translated to which dlci number and push the pkt to that add?

Re: Frame-Relay Practice Exam Question 15 years 4 months ago #2829

Hey IndeBluez,

Thanks for your helpful response. I referred to page 542 and found the explanation for the answer. It makes sense now.

As for your question, I'll leave it up to one of the resident experts to answer, as I am pretty rough on frame-relay at the moment. Sigh. :?

I take it that you are also studying towards the CCNA. How are you progressing? I have covered all the chapters of Odom's INTRO and ICND books and completed all the end of chapter questions. Now I'm in the process of revising and doing practice exams. My problem is that I seem to have forgotten alot of the finer details - not surprisingly, considering the wealth of information we need to remember! Gasp. Any CCNA holders want to share their study secrets, or, if nothing else, have a word of encouragement for us first-timers? :D


Re: Frame-Relay Practice Exam Question 15 years 4 months ago #2830

Tips :
Learn to subnet, its probably the most important thing and its very scoring when you do it right (its all really easy.. just practice a bit). The rest of the theory you can even make an educated guess if you're not sure.

Try and get some hands on experience with a cisco router or a switch so that you're comfortable with the IOS.

Browse our Certifications Books & More forum, there are lots of CCNA related posts with very good tips, information, and links to other sites. In fact there is one post called 'Subnetting tips and tricks' go through that as well.

Do all the labs at , you will invariably see two labs in your exam and if you fail both then you will almost 100% have failed the whole exam. Don't forget to save running-config etc.

Encouragement :

The difficulty of the exam is overhyped, most of the time people stress out and then fail because of that... I guess its because of the kind of test it is. Even when I did my recert at the end of last year I was pretty tense the week before (ask Chris lol) but if you just are confident about your work you'll do fine.

If you don't do well the first time, its no big deal, its not like the world has ended.. you now know what you're up against and you have a challenge to work for. Don't judge yourself too much by the test.. I know one really good network admin who failed twice ! Its not that he didn't know how to do his job, he was just stressing out on the exam and not focussing on studying the right way.

When you pass you'll get a very nice folder with a letter and a really sweet certificate signed by John Chambers (CEO Cisco) not to mention the right to use the 'Cisco Certified' logo wherever you want.

When your certi package arrives, it is this nice large white thick paper envelope with the Cisco logo on it (the two bridges), and you'll feel really good opening it.

There ya go ;)

btw I know I haven't answered indez question.. I'll wait for resident expert number 1 to deal with it (Chris !! :)

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor
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