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TOPIC: ping

ping 10 years 1 month ago #26568

Can anyone explain, When you type in the IE. How it exactly find the google server and bring the google page. If possible please explain the concept with osi layers.

For ex::
When you type how the packet goes and where it reached. How the dns is resolved, also how the packet come to the source computer

Re: ping 10 years 1 month ago #26571

You type

First your computer needs to know where is located so it will ask your DNS server. Where is located (on what IP address).

So it will use a Recursive request. This means your computer says :

give me the ip address or give me an error.

Your DNS servers says "Hm.. ok boss, i'll go and find what you seek"

The DNS server then will use an iterative requests which typically means he will request the root server with "Give me the ip address of or give me a server who has more info for me.

So, your DNS server will request to the root dns server of the internet for the A-Host record of

The Root doesn't have the A-Host for and will reply with "I don't have the A-Host, BUT! I do have a server who has more information for you. It's the .com. DNS server which is located on *ip address*"

Then your DNS server will request the same to the .com. server
and probably then the server which will in its case give the IP address of the A-host record of the site you wish to visit.

After you receive the ip address of

Your computer will send a message to the ip address of google to request the website.

This will be routed. First through your standard gateway and then it will be following a path which is defined in the routers.

It can be explained in much more detail, but this is typically the way.

Re: ping 10 years 1 month ago #26573

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Is this where "authoratative" and "non-authoratative" responses come in? This bit confuses me.

Re: ping 10 years 1 month ago #26574

Any response to a DNS query that originates from a DNS server with a complete copy of the zone file is said to be an 'authoritative response'. What complicates matters is that DNS servers cache the answers they receive. If a DNS server has an SOA record, it fills in a field in the response that signals that the server queried is authoritative for the domain and that the answer is authoritative. Any DNS server external to that domain that retrieved the authoritative response will cache that answer. The next time the server is queried, it will say that the answer it is giving is authoritative, even though it is not authoritative for that domain.
In other words, it IS possible for a DNS server that is NOT an authoritative server for a domain to give an 'authoritative response' to a DNS query for a domain it does not serve.
Non-authoritative responses come from DNS servers that have cached an answer for a given host, but received that information from a server that is not authoritative for the domain.

Re: ping 10 years 1 month ago #26576

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prakashanandan, I'm with Chojin's 99%

May I add that google's DNS server would translate to before sending the IP back since www is the A-Host name.

Re: ping 10 years 1 month ago #26577

prakashanandan, I'm with Chojin's 99%

May I add that google's DNS server would translate to before sending the IP back since www is the A-Host name.

Just checked (because I am stubborn :p) and ur right :).
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