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TOPIC: Frame Relay multipoint question

Frame Relay multipoint question 13 years 9 months ago #16037

I've setup a frame relay network in a simulator (Netsim).

3 routers attached to cloud, 2 routers behind each of those three that at each site.

configured the frame relay as point to multipoint on physical interfaces - full mesh.

Connectivity is great, can ping each side of the cloud from the other, but, the attached networks at each site have connectivity issues because of a problem with routing updates.

When each of the 3 cloud routers send their rip update broadcasts, they only get sent out one PVC, not both, so I have routing table propagation issues.

I read that I could configure RIP neighbors, but the simulator doesn't support this. I've read that this is the fix, since point to multipoint is NonBroadcast Multiple Access. In other words, broadcast isn't supposed to work if I'm reading this right.

Here enters my confusion. What is the purpose of the broadcast keyword on your map statements, or if you let inverse arp do your DLCI to IP mappings, it automatically adds the broadcast keyword.

What does this keyword accomplish?
And is there a way to make the broadcasts actually go out of each PVC?

I've read about something called broadcast replication, but haven't been able to find any particulars on how it works or how to set it up.

I've also seen refrences to problems with split horizon, but that shouldn't affect me, because I'm not doing hub and spoke, I'm doing full mesh.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I'm doing my best to learn about frame relay.

PS - If I configure point to point on subinterfaces, everything works fine as expected - my problem is with multipoint.



Re: Frame Relay multipoint question 13 years 9 months ago #16060

As I know you might have using rip V1 cause it supports brodcast route update to neighbours. with rip v2 it is done by multicasting. that might be more convenient.
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