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TOPIC: What is Infranet - the anti-censorship project ?

What is Infranet - the anti-censorship project ? 15 years 6 months ago #1369

What is Infranet? Can someone kindly provide some details about the it? Thanks

Re: Infranet 15 years 6 months ago #1381

I'm not sure if you mean 'intranet' or 'infranet' so lets deal with both :

An intranet is a corporate website which serves the internal corporate network. In other words think of it as the Company's website that you cannot access, but the people who are in the company on its LAN can access it to do things like download common forms, communicate, read policies, get company news etc etc. Its no different from a regular webserver, just that its not a publicly accesible.

Infranet is an anti-censorship project that a lot of universities are cooperating in. Since governments (eg China and Iran) have started blocking websites, the infranet is basically webservers that are programmed to respond to special request from an infranet request.

It works like this

You --> Infranet requester --> Government Filter --> Infranet Responder --> Actual server you request.

you send a blocked url to an infranet requester which forwards the message to a cooperating infranet responder, to the government filter it looks like just normal web traffic.. actually the sequence of http requests contains the url you want. The responder grabs the content for you and forwards it back in the same way... bypassing the filters. Its really just like an http tunnel but on a grander scale.

The homepage is here :

If you're interested in this, I would suggest you check out CultDeadCows software 'Peekabooty' which plans to make a large collection of anonymous proxys.. sorta like a peer to peer network like kazaa.. I haven't really read the details on it, but given that its CultDeadCow it will be highly controversial. Be warned, their webpage is full of profanity and some really wierd things.. just warning you in case you have corporate censorship ;)

If you were wondering what an 'intranet' was, then just completely disregard the other information.. :)

If you want more information I am willing to discuss HTTP tunneling, web censorship and bypassing proxy authentication mechanisms in mindnumbing technical detail, I'm planning on writing a paper on it.

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: Infranet 15 years 6 months ago #1383

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And you, of course, will post it here????????


Re: Infranet 15 years 6 months ago #1384

Lol, only if you promise to read it ;)

Till then I can tease you with this from my collection hehe :

(copy and paste that link in a new window, otherwise geocities will give you a 404 error).

It pretty much covers the whole HTTP tunneling thing.. I want to deal with tunneling over other protocols as well.. though 9 times out of 10, if http is not allowed in/out of the network, then you're not gonna find very much that is.
Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Infranet 15 years 6 months ago #1390

Thank You. I was particular about INFRANET. I'll visit the sites you suggessted and get back to you.

HTTP Tunnel 15 years 6 months ago #1394

Hey, I am very very interested in Http-tunneling. At my school they use novell bordermanager in order to force all traffic trough the proxy. This makes it impossible to download things from the web via programs like kazaa or DC++. I can only download from ftp and http sites.... And even that is sometimes a problem.

So, I've been trying these different tunnel progs for the past few years, but they all need a sever on the other side, which is to slow for me... That is, if the prog doesn't crash, since more than halpf of the code I found on the net is buggy as shit.

The proxy does NOT support the CONNECT command (at least I think), and what I really need is a way to get around it, WITHOUT using a personal server on the other end. (speed problem).

If you know the answer, please help me, i'm desperate for a solution....

Thanx Already,

ps, I found a way to connect to some admin progs on our school's network.... Something about a "DNS Manager" en some stuff... (I don't know about Novell...)
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