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TOPIC: Weird Email

Weird Email 13 years 10 months ago #7805

I got this email from some stranger : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dear friend,

I know this will not come to you as a suprise, but let it not be, for nature
has a way of arriving unannounced and an adage says "originals are very hard to
find but their echo sounds louder". while i was searching for a reliable and
honest person, who can do this business with me, from the internet that is how i
get in contact with you. so i decided to contact you myself for you to assure me
of safety and honesty if i have to entrust any amount of money under your
costody. My boss is one of the recently, compulsorily retired Army Generals by
the democratic Government of CHIEF OLUSEGUN OBASANJO. He is sadly also one of
the officers facing probes for allegedly looting the government treasure while
serving under the passed government. I am fire from service too. All his assets
have been frozen, along side other involved officers. Before this situation
degenerated to this stage he arranged and deposited the sum of Nine million five
hundred thousand united states Dollars (USD$9,500,000.00) cash to a
security/finance company in European sub-region, whose location will be revealed
to you after your response in your interest to assist me. This amount of money
was moved safety to the security/ finance in concealed boxes as a " family
valuables and pracious items" due to the way my boss deposited it through a
diplomatic channel.

Now i have been empowered by my boss to see that the money is quickly lifted
safely out of the security company to an oversea account of a trusted foreign
family friend without delay for security reasons, and to enhance family
relocation and investment into any viable business venture in your country. I
have all deposit information and documents as handed over to me by my boss. We
are going to begin the process of changing the beneficiary to your favour to
enable you claim the fund from the security / finance company by the time, you
have establish your readiness and competence to very swiftly and sincere to
handle this issue with me.

Now we have agreed that for your assistance input to claim this money safe in
your country, we will offer you 35% of the total sum, you will also be entitled
to a commission on the investment you are to manage. I have carved out every
strategy and modalities needed to assure a risk free ocess. While replying this
proposal send me the following:

(A) your full name
(B) your house or company's adress
(C) your private phone and fax number

These are to enable our lawyer to start preparing a power of attorney, which
will empower to back claims of this consingment as the original owner. Please be
warned, keep this business secret and confidential between you and I.

I am expecting your quick responce through this my private e-mail address
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Best regards.

Mr Kenneth Johnson

All i wanna know is, what would someone do with my Name, Address and phone number? All in all, this email looks like a pretty nice scam to me..... they could sell my information to databses. As far as i know almost all the people in the US have their personal information on one of those large databases.....

Yes, i know it aint funny, but no better place to post , other than a security related site......
Surya Sharma

Re: Weird Email 13 years 10 months ago #7813

With a quick search in google i found this about this kind of fraud:
(taken from )
Foff is my abbreviation for Friend of Fellow, (FofF), the fellow being myself. It could also be seen as an abbreviation of a very impolite English way of saying "please go away", but I'm generally so polite that it's sickening. Others might think it means fraudulent offers. Various ideas inspired the word.
Foffs are the originators of fraudulent business offers and are trying to steal money. They offer many millions. Sooner or later, they'll ask for thousands in advance, which is why this style of con is known as Advance Fee Fraud. The millions don't exist. The thousands are yours and you're meant to lose them.
The site has also listed Mr Kenneth Johnson as a Foff.
:D Do they think that we are stupid??
Cheers and hope i helped

Re: Weird Email 13 years 10 months ago #7815

I wasn't gonna buy it anyways, but the only thing i wonder is HOW did my email address get to them?
Surya Sharma

Re: Weird Email 13 years 10 months ago #7819

  • Jack
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Its random spam, dont be a fish and bite. Dont respond and dont offer any of your hard earned money, its a SCAM! I get them from time to time also.

Best Regards,
Jack Burgess, Staff
News Editor / Forum Moderator

Scams 13 years 9 months ago #7846

These scams have always trickled into my inbox from time to time but within the last few weeks there has been a plague of them. It's simply incredible how many widows of foreign war generals, terminally ill millionaire industrialists, persecuted dissidents and underground church members there are in the world all of a sudden, and all of them with vast sums of money to get out of the country! I've also had quite a number of emails that purport to be from various (real) banks - they have the logo and look really realistic. These try to induce you to follow a link to an equally genuine looking website where you can enter your bank details - if you're a sucker. They also come in the mail sometimes - apparently I've won the 'El Gordo' Spanish lottery at least twice and had an official letter asking me for my bank details so they can pay in my prize. Be warned, and don't fall for it

Re: Weird Email 13 years 9 months ago #7847

  • DaLight
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If you've got a few minutes to spare, check out . These guys turn the tables on the scammers by pretending to be interested and leading them on a wild goose chase. Full records of email correspondence, pictures and audio recordings of phone calls are provided.

It will also give you an idea of the lengths these scammers will go to.
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