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TOPIC: 14 years 1 month ago #6105

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hai guys

I am new to this but still i had managed to get one site that has a very good hacking needed to hack try this out you people there
: this is a UAE based site that lets you hack itself. Infect it had announced a game for that it's real hacking.
I have passed level 1 and trying for level 2 of 10 level .

Best of luck to all :D
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Re: 14 years 1 month ago #6108

  • nske
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hehe javascript puzzles, aren't they?

if you want something chalenging from the real-life, check here and here or make a search for "wargames" ;)

Re: 13 years 3 months ago #10758

I`m really fascinated by ur answering skills so thats wy referred u as The Master.But my question is regarding hacking I`ve read ur suggestion that one should go through the site to know about the intricacies but sir can u help me out that how do i go about the hacking details.I hope to hear from u soon.
thanx alot for reading my mail.
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Re: 13 years 3 months ago #10768

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LOL! In case you're reffering to me I'm no master of anything, but I still don't think master Yoda himself would be able to satisfy your question!

Hacking by it's most common meaning, refers to the exploitation of some configuration or other fault (and most usually the combination of more than one) in a system -usually part of a network-, in a way that will allow you to access information that were ment to be protected -of course it is illegal to do that unauthorized, but that's obvious-. Very often non-technical means can also be considered part of the "hacking" procedure, like social engineering or even diging into other peoples' garbage ("dumpster diving" I believe it's caled) for pieces of information that can be used likewise. The whole procedure is similar to what detectives and forensic scientists do in order to solve a crime: they collect little and perhaps seemingly unimportant evidence (of highly varying nature), analyze them to draw what conclusions they can and study them together to make sense of what happened. In this case, the evidence are the faults of the criminal during his crime, which the police is trying to exploit in order to identify, find and prove his guilt.

If that is what you are reffering to, I believe "Security Penetration" would be a more precise term.

As you understand this is not a subject that you can ask about generally and get specific answers. The problem is that you want "the details" of a subject that is all about the details of things most of which are all but details on their own -no, seriously :D! Just like you would need light to distinguish the colour of an object, some solid understanding of contiguous fields -like networking, coding, cryptography, system administration, etc- is required in order to detect and exploit faults in the work of people that have that understanding (and obviously used it in their work).

So, I am sorry if I disapoint you but there's no other way to get an idea about security other than getting familiar with the things involved.

Re: 13 years 3 months ago #10775

  • jhun
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well hacking for me has different meanings depending who is using it. i also believe that hacking is not a step by step guide or a how-to. it involves very intricate factors base on the individual's desire. it is alot of work involving not only technical skills (like networking, programming, security, etc.) but also some social and psychological skills. it involves alot of research, trial and error, and experimentation. hacking is also evolutionary wherin it changes as technology develops.
i suggest to better understand hacking you must first get your foundation straight. establish first then apply.

Re: 13 years 3 months ago #10783


Have a look at it might prove interesting!
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