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CISSP with CCNP CCDP and CCSP 13 years 10 months ago #8187

Just wondering, in case someone would have some idea. I'm currently a CISSP and have been presented with opportunity at work to start collecting Cisco certs. For this year, the plan is CCNA, CCDA, then CCNP. Next year, get my CCDP then CCSP.

I know it's going to be pretty busy in this timeframe, I've already completed ICND, BCSI, BCMSN, CSIDS, CSPFA, CSVPN and CSI training, but haven't written exams.

The CISSP is a nice cert to have, but I like the hands on. Is this too ambitious to attempt all these certs this quick? I've worked directly with Cisco equipment (switching, routing, vpn, ids and such) for a little over 2 years.

How much would a person with these credentials be worth?
Sheldon Handcock, CISSP®

Re: CISSP with CCNP CCDP and CCSP 13 years 9 months ago #8199

Personally i feel that technical oriented certifications are a must along with the more management oriented ones.

So its good that you are looking forward to do CCNA for a start, but i don't really see the point in coveiring both CCDA, CCDP and then moving on towards CCSP .

I am not saying that it should not be done , but simply suggesting that ,your inclination being towards security ( you are already a CISSP ) ,it would perhaps be better if you do certifications in security, maybe across different vendors.

Re: CISSP with CCNP CCDP and CCSP 13 years 9 months ago #8256

I agree with you with that it maybe seems a little strange. The fact is that I wear many hats at work, and design and admin are a couple of those hats. Plus, work is footing the bill for these certs, so I'd be silly not to take advantage of this great opportunity.
Sheldon Handcock, CISSP®

Re: CISSP with CCNP CCDP and CCSP 13 years 9 months ago #8266

You should just bear in mind that most of the Cisco certs require some hands-on experience.. so you should try and pick that up.

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: CISSP with CCNP CCDP and CCSP 13 years 9 months ago #8273

Wow sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you. Hope you have a bottomless pot of coffee ;).

I'm currently halfway through the CCNP course at my college and I have heard different stories about this cert. I am doing an internship right now and one of the lead Network Admins is telling me 5+ years of experience with Cisco networks is needed. In fact he still has yet to get all of his as he is so busy with work that he doesn't have the time to prepare. If you go to the Cisco forums [url=http://;jsessionid=23blhguam1.SJ2A?page=netprof&forum=Career%20Certifications&topic=Certifications&CommCmd=MB%3Fcmd%3Ddisplay_messages%26mode%3Dnew%26location%3D.ee702b1]here[/url]
you can see other people's opinions. Most seem to agree that reading as much material as possible and knowing the various routing protocols, etc from top to bottom is key, along with hands-on experience, although there are some on there that claim to have passed the exam without much hands-on experience.

If you have the time I would hold off a little on the CCNP as once you complete that it renews your CCNA for another 3 years ;).
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