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TOPIC: Education

Re: Education 16 years 9 months ago #801

Lol jesus !! First off congratulations on passing.. frankly I'm not looking forward to sitting it, cisco just seems to spend all its time trying to fail candidates.

About that error thats really bad, you should mail them or something, its lucky that you're experienced enough to figure out that it was a mistake, a lot of first timers would break down crying ;)

thanks for the link I really need to practice questions and get into test mode.

Sahir Hidayatullah. Staff - Associate Editor & Security Advisor

Re: Education 16 years 9 months ago #972

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What I do is sit at the Coffee house with my Lattee and read some of the different books that are there. They all have practice exams in them. That way you get all kinds of different questions. Make sure you have the correct test number. If they change the test, they will usually change the test ID also.

The problem is that sometimes the questions are wrong (very irritating) or the information may be different from what the test will ask.

For example (from my experiance), in the security+ exam, there is a question on how you handle and incidence response and the order the steps are taken. I happened to have about 4 books on the subject and found that there were 2 different answers. In one book it was: identifying, investigating, repairing, documenting and adjusting procedures. In the other book: Preparation, identification, containment, eradication, recovery and follow up. Now the second one was the one I found in a couple of different books, but the book that Comptia was approving gave me the first. In this case, you have to know not just the steps but the order of the steps.

Without looking at multiple books, I never would have found this. The books are not cheap - hence the coffee shop solution. It pays to get as many practice questions as you can.

Good luck.


Re: Education 16 years 9 months ago #1060

Hey guys, when you say sit in are you talking about sitting through a class or actually taking another exam? I was just wondering what you guys meant.


Re: Education 16 years 9 months ago #1061

Hey does anybody plan on going all the way to CCIE? Because I was reading in my CCNA book and the CCIE is very expensive, wow!! The recommend you take courses that are around $15,000-20,000. Then its about $1,000 per lab and most people fail 2 or more times and some never even pass. Sheesh!! But after you recieve this cert. you can make up in the 6 digits pay! Crazy stuff I tell ya...crazy stuff!! :shock:


Re: Education 16 years 9 months ago #1063

What are some study methods you guys use to study for the CCNA or in fact for any certification exam?


Re: Education 16 years 9 months ago #1070

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Yes, the CCIE is very expensive and they only give it on one or two places.

Also, just because it says you can make a certain amount of money, doesn't mean you will.

You also need a certain amount of experience to take the test (I believe) and the test is multiple choice and hands on. What they do with the hands on, apparently, is to put you in a room with a bunch of devices and give you a scenario. You are then supposed to create the network based on this scenario. When you are about half way through, they send you out of the room and then mess up what you have done and you are now supposed to troubleshoot the problem and fix it (at least this is what I have heard).

You had better know your stuff for this one.

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