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TOPIC: Most Prestige certifications are<insert answer here>

Most Prestige certifications are&lt;insert answer here&gt; 13 years 11 months ago #5307

I was curious as to what Certifications are respected in the IT industry. I am afraid that I will be judged with the group that has the knowledge to pass the tests, but does not have the discipline nor intuitiveness to handle a real network. I have been studying computer networking, security, and administration since I was 14 (17 now) and I fear because of these people, I will find it hard to reach the top.

So, if someone that is IN the industry could give me some pointers to avoid this type of discrimination I would GREATLY appreciate it. And could someone also tell me if my fears are valid, or just supplemented by the people I meet that fit the description I stated above. Once again, I am asking for a little guidance, being so young, so try not to exploit that :-D. Thanks in advance.

Re: Most Prestige certifications are&lt;insert answer here&gt; 13 years 11 months ago #5314

All the Cisco certifications are still considered valid.. Since the new improved CCNA came along, more goons are failing -- which is a good thing.

Product certifications always help -- so if you are going to manage a CheckPoint FW, then a CP cert will increase your worth..

As far as market value certs go, the Linux and Solaris certifications are currently hot -- driven by the demand for open source and UNIX respectively. RHCE is a good cert to have at least where I am.

As far as security is concerned.. if you want to do technicals, then the SANS certifications stand far out on their own... CEH (certified ethical hacker) is also picking up for pen-testers etc..

If you want more market worth in the security industry, then the heavyweight certs are still around for the 'process' side... CISSP of course, CISA, BS7799 LA.... of course most of these require you to have had work experience and if you're 17 most people would have trouble accepting you as a 'lead auditor'... that said, these people do get paid a lot of money (for what -- I dont know ... but thats my personal take on things).

Microsoft certifications are now almost a dime a dozen -- most people dont apply for a network admin position without at least an MCSE or at least an MCP in place.. that said, MCSA is a much better cert IMHO..

Hardware wise -- A+ is still the standard.. don't really look at Security+ and Network+ even though they are attractive because they are lifetime certs, they do not give you the real world skills and are considered rather basic.


Re: Most Prestige certifications are&lt;insert answer here&gt; 13 years 11 months ago #5320

Hahaha, ironic considering I HAVE my net+, Security+ and my I-net+..
but, I am planning to pass my CCNA by the time I graduate high school, although the only reason I have the oppurtunity is because I pulled a internship with the local school district. (Refuse to be a goon) But thanks for the advice.. again.. :-D

Re: Most Prestige certifications are&lt;insert answer here&gt; 13 years 11 months ago #5329

is this to do with Crazy Browser ?? I was only replying !


I went thru some details on CISA & CISSP certifications, they look pretty good to me, however they both cover more or less the same topics of information security. How do u rate these 2 certifications? which one according to you has the wider scope?

Auditing seems pretty cool to me and maybe this will be the next certification I will be going for after my 640-607.

Will appreciate ur feedback.

Syed Nadeem

Re: Most Prestige certifications are&lt;insert answer here&gt; 13 years 11 months ago #5341

Our apologies... the little sentinel gargoyle got stood up on a date with a cute female gargoyle and was in a rather bad mood so he misbehaved and blocked you

(read the above paragraph as "I have no idea why you got blocked")..
You don't use an sort of web spider or something ? It might happen if you open lots of pages in quick succession, this had happened to me once.

If it happens again, post in the Website Problems forum.

With regard to the certs, I think CISSP is more useful from a knowledge point of view, but CISA might have even more market value... I am *contemplating* doing my CISSP but they'll have to drag me to the table to answer some of those stupid questions ;)

cybersorcerer -- as I said, don't worry about it... every cert counts.. in the end quantity wins over quality... Just ask Microsoft
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