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TOPIC: Cisco announces its highest level certification ever

Cisco announces its highest level certification ever 9 years 10 months ago #30844

I thought this was interesting:

I believe Microsoft either released or is still beta-testing a new certification that's similar to this's the MCA -- Microsoft Certified Architect.

What are your thoughts on these architect-specific certifications?

Re: Cisco announces its highest level certification ever 9 years 10 months ago #30845

I think they are better to secure what they already have.
There are hundreds of brain dumps that can make anyone be certified with CCNA, MCSA or what ever they offer, now some employers don't trust these certification because all these people have it without any experience just by using brain dumps!
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Re: Cisco announces its highest level certification ever 9 years 10 months ago #30846

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I agree with Alans, secured first their current certifications like CCNA, CCNP..etc.. some brain dumps their get passed without appropriate skills for the level, passed via cheat codes...

Cheers mate!

i agree with u Alan 9 years 10 months ago #30850

Hey Alans i 2nd your opinion... Real Employers don't look @ Certs again...

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Re: Cisco announces its highest level certification ever 9 years 10 months ago #30853

Real employers DO look at certs, let me emphasis that again they DO look at certifications.

Brain dumps don't always get you through a certification exam, especially for the higher level exams (CCNP, CCIE ect...) Employers very much value certification qualified candidates, why? Because they tell them how qualified the candidate are, the dedication for studying the material, and the mere fact that your willing to learn.

So somebody picks up a brain dump for a few certifications and passes there test. Let me tell you, the only thing that person has done is possibly gotten themselves through an interview and a 1 to 2 week sit in at a job. But I have my CCNA, CCNP and CCIE(written) completed. When your in the field and you claim to be a level 2+ network engineer with the certs listed, your colors will show and they will show fast!

Secondly, a job interview for a high level or even moderate level engineer won't be questions such as: tell me about the OSI model, or how does a L3 switch route? Sure they will have a couple of these questions, but they are going to ask you about business scenario's, what if and how would you go about solving this problem ect... Brain dumps won't help you in this situation, except make you look incompetent.

Brain dumps are a benefit to those who truly study and pass there exams. Why? Because they weed out the cheaters, the ones who don't have the passion and ambition to learn. They don't have what it takes to become a true network engineer or administrator. They just can't hack it. Employers know this and see this everyday. They know EXACTLY who holds a valid cert and who does not.

Study hard mates!! It does pay off!!



Re: Cisco announces its highest level certification ever 9 years 10 months ago #30854

This certification is a bit different, and I ask that you look at it differently as well. But as you do, keep in mind that certifications aren't created for the sake of having something higher than another. Certifications arise out of need, and that need usually comes from business/environment requirements. I mean, professional level and expert level (i.e.: CCNP, CCIE, etc) pros weren't always demand for experts grew with the exponential growth of business networks and the Internet, vendors supplied the education to grow those experts. Initially, businesses demand better technology so they could run their business better (and make more money). Vendors supplied the better, newer technology for the businesses. Businesses then demanded pros to support the new technology. Vendors, in return, supplied the education to foster the growth of pros to support the new technology. The certifications that vendors provide are just "stamps" to help businesses easily identify those pros. The same situation is in effect: businesses noticed that they have few expert-level engineers who have strong business knowledge. Their demand for those experts prompted Cisco (and Microsoft) to supply the education and certification to start growing and identifying those experts. The result is this certification. Cisco foresees that expert architects will be in higher demand in the future, so they're preparing for the future by launching this new certifications.

Of course, every country/region/economy is different, so IT is influenced differently. It's this same difference in environment that affects the validity of certifications.
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